Your Own Private Resort

The facilities and services on offer at many of Thailand’s private villas ensure guests enjoy the ultimate private holiday experience. Every indulgence you would expect at a top class hotel or resort can also be enjoyed in a villa, with the added extravagance of exclusivity. Read More…

“Private villas are a quintessential example of personalised holiday pleasure”

Resort facilities in many of the worlds top vacation destinations have gone from comfortable and convenient to plush and personal in the last few years. The tend continues as the hospitality industry tries to match the needs and desires of a new generation of savvy global travellers in search of extra special escapes.

Exclusive embellishments such as private plunge pools, in-room massage treatments and personal butlers on-call are now becoming the norm in 5- and 6-star hotel properties around the world. However, luxury travellers were finding their own ways to enjoy a private sojourn well before such amenities went mainstream.

Private villas are perhaps the quintessential example of personalised holiday pleasure, particularly in destinations such as Thailand and Bali where demand for vacation rentals has been increasing for more than a decade. Often built as dream holiday homes for their owners; these exuberant properties boast all the facilities and services of top-end resorts, and even include a few additions that raise the bar even higher.

Add to this the rare luxury of space and exclusivity, and it’s no great challenge to understand why the popularity of private holiday villas in Asia continues to grow, even within an ever more competitive market.

The best private holiday accoutrements, it seems, are difficult to resist.

Private Pool

A plunge pool is fine for cooling dips, but having your own 20-metre oceanside infinity pool to swim and splash about in provides a superstar feeling that’s hard to beat. Many of the private villas on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui were designed around a centrepiece private swimming pool with wide sun decks, shaded gazebos and stunning views are all part of the privilage package.

Private Spa

In Thailand and Bali, massage and body treatments are high on most visitors’ holiday “must-enjoy” lists and the managers at most private villas can arrange therapists to give a range or relaxing treatments the comfort of your private holiday home. Some villas even boast their own dedicated spa rooms with additional indulgences like Jacuzzi tubs, saunas and steam rooms.

Private Dining

One of the joys of escaping to a tropical island is the chance to eat fabulous food to a soundtrack of lapping waves. If there are 40 other people sharing the experience at a restaurant, however, the wonder may be a little diluted. Most private holiday villas are designed with both indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and many come with the added benefit of a private chef – on hand to prepare your dishes to order. This means you can bring the beach restaurant home and share a menu culinary delights and tropical nights with only your nearest and dearest.

Private Bar

Stunning sunsets and balmy evenings inspire cold beers, fine wines and refreshing cocktails. And just as it is with good food; a tasty drink or two is always best enjoyed in good company. Many architects and villa owners share this appreciation of social lubrication, and therefore include attractive bar areas in the villas they build, which are often by the pool, and offer stunning views of the ocean to raise a glass to.

Private Tours

Proximity to the ocean and jungle offers tropical island visitors the chance to combine blissful relaxation and culinary treats with a range of activities and adventures. Private villa guests can simple choose a sightseeing itinerary or adrenaline rush and ask their villa manager to make arrangements. Many villas also offer complimentary watersports equipment such as Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle boards and snorkelling gear for their guests to use.

Private Lifestyle

When it comes to the most enjoyable and memorable holiday experiences; it’s the people and services that often make the vacation stand out as special. Private villas come with their own teams of friendly, hospitable, dedicated staff, including a villa manager who acts as the guests’ first point of contact for requests and assistance. Having a team of people to take care of you – and only you – not only ensures the holiday runs smoothly, but often means new friendships are formed, which only adds to the overall enjoyment of the villa stay.