Why rent a private villa?

Luxury Villas

“A private villa offers guests the extra space and tranquillity to unwind in truly exclusive surroundings”

In popular holiday destinations like Thailand and Bali, an increasing number of holidaymakers are choosing to stay in private villas as opposed to hotels due to the increased level of privacy available in comparison to hotels. Visitors can relax and unwind in the added space provided by communal living areas in a private villa, without having to worry about what other guests are doing. In addition, staying in a luxury villa offers guests the freedom to dictate their own routine, without being chained to a hotel restaurant’s schedule, for example. Guests staying at a private villa can sleep and get up at whatever time they like, eat whenever they feel hungry and plan activities to their own timetable with the help of a personal concierge.


Types of Villa

 “A luxury private villa boasts a range of facilities to meet every need”

Typical luxury villa guests include couples on romantic breaks, families looking for some quality time together or groups of friends travelling for a celebration or maybe to attend a private wedding. In destinations places like Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali, secluded villas are ideal for couples who want a little extra privacy whist on a dream vacation. Even in larger properties, reduced occupancy options are available, which means two couples can share the private facilities while on a romantic retreat. Family villas typically offer more bedroom configurations, in addition to extra facilities for kids that may include a TV den or even a games room. These villas often boast a large garden and pool, sometimes including a dedicated children’s pool. Larger villas are also popular with couples for destination weddings as they offer spacious communal areas both indoors and out, which can be customised and decorated for the big day.


Villa Facilities

“Luxury villas in Thailand and Bali boast a range of facilities that put them on a par with five star hotels”

Guests that opt to stay at a private luxury villa in Thailand or Bali whilst they are on vacation enjoy a vast range of personalised facilities at their fingertips. Outdoors, most villas feature a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, landscaped gardens and terraced outdoor dining and relaxation areas. Inside, guests can make use of additional facilities such as a private gym, sauna or massage room and many properties come with top of the line entertainment systems that allow music to be streamed to specific parts of the villa. Some residences even come with their own games rooms and mini cinemas, as well as pull down screens for outdoor movie nights


Personalised Services

“Professional villa management teams ensure guests have the most relaxing stay possible”

In established destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali, most luxury villas comes with their own dedicated staff team to ensure that every guest’s stay in the villa is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Typically, the staff team comprises a villa manager, who is the main point of contact and will do everything possible to meet special requests, recommend activities and sights, even book restaurants and day trips. Then there are service and cleaning staff to serve meals and drinks and keep the villa clean and tidy. Guests who want even more of a personal touch can hire the services of a private chef to whip up a culinary masterpiece in the villa’s own kitchen. Some villas even come with their own in-house chef, so guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine without even having to leave the comfort of their holiday home.