Why rent a private Bali villa?

Bali villa rentals

Balinese architectural style, Photo of Villa Sungai Tinggi


“First rate facilities, privacy and extra space make Bali’s villas a haven for holiday-makers”

A growing number of travellers heading to Southeast Asia are choosing to take in the luxurious side of the region’s accommodation offerings by staying in a private villa. Villas offer an increased level of privacy than hotels, which is great for families or groups that want to spread out and enjoy the extra space and facilities. Residing in one of Bali’s private villas also offers guests the luxury of designing their own holiday routine. They are not chained to restaurant and pool opening times as they would be in hotels. Another bonus of renting a Balinese retreat is that the price can be extremely reasonable when compared with booking out several hotel rooms.


Types of Villa

Views of the Balinese sea at Majapahit Villa Maya

“A range of family holiday-homes can be found on Bali”

The volume of tourists that touch down on Bali’s shores each year is high and includes couples, families and larger groups. The island is also becoming increasingly popular as a destination for corporate functions and conferences. The variety of villas on the island makes it easy to find a property to suit different needs. Couples can enjoy a smaller, romantic villa and ocean views, a private pool and Jacuzzi are perfect inclusions. A villa with large gardens and beach access offers space for families to spread out and enjoy themselves, while even larger properties are also available and the perfect option for groups of friends or company retreats.


Villa Facilities

Swimming pool in Bali private villa

“The facilities on offer in Bali’s private holiday properties rival the island’s most luxurious hotels”

Travellers that choose to stay in a private property on Bali enjoy an opulent range of facilities for as long a they wish. Inside a private villa, guests can often make use of their own private gym, sauna, luxury kitchen and state-of -the-art entertainment facilities. Outside, sprawling gardens, beach access, a private pool and dining terraces provide a choice of locations to enjoy the tropical island ambiance.


Personalised Services

Bali staff at Villa Kedidi ensure the best services and stay

“Villa staff ensure guests have the best holiday possible”

Most Bali villas come with a dedicated team of professional staff whose job it is to make sure guests have the best time possible whilst they are on the island. Usually, the team includes a manager or concierge who has a wealth of local knowledge that allows them to recommend great restaurants and local attractions. The villa manager can also organise transportation with reliable taxi companies, or excursions with travel agencies. The villa maintenance team is on call to make sure the villa is in top condition from the moment guests arrive, until they leave. Some villas also come with a personal chef or masseuse, or extra staff can be hired for guests that want to splash out on the ultimate private luxury.