What's your Perfect Island Holiday Villa?

Savvy travellers who rent a private villa in Thailand now have a wide variety of stunning designs and locations to choose from surrounded by some of the best views, facilities and attractions on offer anywhere in the world. Read More...

“The best luxury holiday rentals offer a succession of movie star moments”

The meteoric rise in popularity, and therefore also in the number of private holiday villas available for rent on islands like Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali means there is now a property to suit just about every guest's need, personal preference and taste.

Whether you are a small family looking for a modest two bedroom holiday home or a large group of well-to-do friends wanting to splash out on an extended party with all the trimmings; there's an island villa out their waiting to match and exceed everyone's expectations.

With so many top island residences to choose from, the final decision regarding which villa to rent can often come down to that old favourite factor – location. Yet even with such clear criteria, it's not always easy to decide which property wins out.

When choosing your perfect private villa, it's certainly worth taking time to consider how as well as where you would like to spend most of your precious holiday time. After all, it's the complete experience of a particular property and its location that will stay with you once you head back home.

So, ask yourself, what type of holiday-goer are you? And what type of holiday villa will mean you never want to leave?

Villas For Beach Lovers

Although the beach is never really far away when you choose to spend time on a tropical island, plenty of people still want to stay right next to the soft sand and lapping waves. This is a natural desire, especially if you live in a cold country with pebbled beaches, and it's undoubtedly an incredible experience to be able to run straight onto the ocean for a morning swim or wander along the beach barefoot at sunset. Kids will certainly appreciate the chance to run around by the sea too, as will their parents. But it's also worth remembering that beaches are rarely private in Asia, and the inshore waters are sometimes used by local fishing boats and watersports operators. If you're not a total beach addict, proximity to the sand may not be a deal breaker when choosing the perfect villa; other factors like the size of the pool and the level of onsite facilities should also be taken into account. Some properties, of course, have it all.

Villas For High Fliers

The mountainous, forested interiors and spectacular rocky headlands on island's like Phuket and Koh Samui lend themselves perfectly to private luxury, which is why both of these popular islands are now peppered with breathtaking hill and cliffside villa to rent. The ocean and island views that guests enjoy from many of these villas are nothing short of magnificent, and they provide a constant inspiring backdrop no matter whether you spend time inside the property enjoying modern luxuries or outside by the pool sunning yourself and relaxing, dining on one of the terraces. Obviously, ease of access is a factor to consider with hillside properties – a hire car certainly comes in handy for guests that like to explore the island. Families should also check on suitability for the kids, although the best elevated properties are usually built with appropriate walls, ledges and safety barriers.

Villas for Revellers

Proximity to the action is often a dilemma for guests in search of the perfect holiday villa  because the closer you get to the built-up tourist centres, the less private your property might feel. There are exceptions of course, hidden from view, and some private villas are specially designed for groups of friends to enjoy, or for private events, with appealing facilities such as poolside bars and outdoor cinema screens that mean you will rarely be tempted to leave the grounds, no matter how remote. Others may be more modest properties, but located within easy reach of popular beaches, beach clubs or nightlife zones. In the end, it usually comes down to how much or little you want to socialize on holiday beyond your immediate group. If your happy to hang out together relaxing or partying, then most villas have everything you need right on your doorstep.

Villas for Peace Keepers

A sense of complete escape is often high on the wish list for people looking to rent a private villa, and in this respect even properties located close to busy beaches can offer the kind of private and exclusive experience you may struggle to find in a hotel or resort. For those that want to take things to the next level, there's a whole host of island villas nestled in hidden coves, on undisturbed headlands and high in the tropical hills. Such properties are often built by owners that also want a place to retreat from the world, which means they often come with sooting design features such as yoga and meditation decks or private outdoor bathtubs where you can totally loose yourself in the tranquility of natural surroundings. Such properties may not be the ideal choice for a group celebration, unless of course, you are celebrating inner peace.

Villas for Pleasure Seekers

One of the main attractions when you rent a private villa is the opportunity to really spoil yourself, and the best luxury holiday rentals offer a succession of movie star moments throughout the stay. Fancy a slow soak in a jacuzzi with a bottle of bubbly under the stars? Not a problem. Feel like a movie marathon in your own private cinema complete with velvet covered chairs and a built-in high-end surround sound system? No tickets required. Have an urge for some fresh lobster and king prawns prepared to your taste and served with a bottle of fine vintage on your private oceanview terrace? Dinner is served. Such indulgences are often touted as special privileges, available only to the lucky few, but when you stay in a luxury private rental villa, they soon become daily delights – no matter the location.