What you will love about staying in a Bali villa


Impressive villa interiors

Lounge area in Bali private villa


“Beautiful décor and comfortable surroundings make it tempting to stay in every night of the holiday”

After a long flight from your home country, arriving to a private villa on Bali is like arriving in heaven. You are greeted by friendly staff that help carry your luggage into a generous bedroom. On a tour around the property, each room will seems more spectacular than the last, decorated in striking Balinese wood carvings, with shelves full of Balinese pottery and windows draped with intricately patterned hand-woven textiles.


The Great Outdoors

Flowers and lawn in Bali villa garden

“The garden is a great place to be to watch the beauty of a Bali morning unfold around you”

The splendid gardens in many private villas on Bali offer guests a special place. Every morning as the sun rises colours of nature come alive in the garden and over the distant rice terraces. Even before the sun reaches high it’s possible to appreciate the breathtaking surroundings from the villa’s private garden, with no other company than the small birds and lizards that have made their homes in the lush foliage.


Brilliant beach life

View from Villa Atas-Omba of the Bali beach on sunny day

“Having the beach so close offers hours of family fun

Some of the best memories a holiday on Bali come from the idyllic beaches that front some villa’s gardens. A short stroll down through the villa grounds brings guests out onto the sands in a quiet bay whose shimmering waters stretch as far as the eye can see. Families can enjoy games games on the beach and there are often very few people around to disturb or feel disturbed by. A villa with beach access again offers the whole family hours of private entertainment and relaxation.


Smiling staff

Friendly Bali villa staff at Villa Semarapura

“The friendly and knowledgeable villa staff leave an overall impression of the generosity of Balinese people”

Days on Bali can be divided into beach time and cultural activities, but even if you have read a guidebook or website a little local knowledge will add to the experience. Your villa manager will generally be a fountain of knowledge, and can help you plan trips to many of the islands major attractions, from small villages producing handicrafts to the largest, and most beautiful Hindu temples. They will organised taxis for excursions around the island and suggest the best places to eat in the nearby area.


Pure indulgence

Balinese massage

“A holiday villa in Bali is the perfect place to indulge in a few extra luxuries”

After some intensive sightseeing and lots of eating out ion Bali, sometimes its nice to spend a day enjoying the comfort of a private villa. Enjoy local culinary delights prepared by a private chef in the villa’s kitchen or treat yourself to a private massage in the villa garden or on the pool terrace. After the massage, enjoy a long soak in the hot tub, before finally hitting the pillow for a comfortable snooze. Bali bliss.