What types of Phuket Villas can you rent?

 Phuket Beach Villas

“Phuket’s beach villas combine the best of the island’s natural allure with the comfort of a private home”

Situated mere metres away from the sparkling white sands of one of Phuket’s idyllic beaches, a private beach villa is one of the best ways to enjoy the island’s stunning coastal scenery. Many of Phuket’s beach villas also come with their own pools and landscaped gardens, so ocean views can be enjoyed without having to step foot outside of the  grounds. As such, by renting a Phuket property with beach access offers  a fabulous combination of natural island treasures and sumptuous home comforts.


Phuket Ocean View Villas

 “Many of Phuket’s hillside villas boast splendid, panoramic views of the ocean”

For groups that want to enjoy the luxury of seclusion whilst they are on holiday in Phuket, a villa tucked away on one of the island’s hillsides is often an ideal choice. Situated amid abundant jungle surroundings, many of Phuket’s hillside villas also feature dramatic views of the ocean from their towering vantage points. Being up high also means that villas enjoy the constant refreshing sea breeze, in addition to stunning views from the villa’s landscaped gardens and private swimming pools.


Phuket Romantic Villas

 “Marvelling at sunset views from a villa’s private swimming pool or hot tub is one of the best ways to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one”

For couples that want to get away from Phuket’s crowded tourist hotspots and enjoy some quiet, romantic time together, a number of the island’s private villas are situated in secluded locations away from busy resort centres on lush jungle hillsides near secluded beaches. Enjoying the floral colours of sunset with your partner is one of the most memorable ways to enjoy the romantic setting of a private villa. Although the island is also home to a number of large villas; many are now offered with reduced occupancy options, so couples can enjoy the facilities of an extravagant villa, them retreat to the privacy and peace of their own indulgent suite.


Phuket Family Villas

“Staying in a private villa gives families the extra space and freedom to enjoy their vacation”

Boasting large gardens, private swimming pools and spacious interiors, many of Phuket’s private villas offer the perfect accommodation for families on a  personalised vacation. Often more economical than booking out several hotel rooms, renting a private villa gives families lots more space to enjoy their holiday. Children have all the space they need to run round and enjoy the facilities, while adults can relax in the knowledge the young ones are safe and occupied. Some of Phuket’s villas also feature large flat screen televisions and even boast games rooms, which offer evening entertainment for the whole family. Dedicated villa staff can assist with everything from keeping the villa clean and tidy, to planning exciting family excursions around the island.


Phuket Villas for Groups

' The range of facilities on offer at many of Phuket’s private villas mean they are the ideal venue for hosting large groups”

Comprising multiple bedrooms, spacious communal and private areas and chic décor, Phuket’s private villas offer an ideal venue for large group holiday or special celebration. The range of facilities on offer at many of Phuket’s private villas include lush landscaped gardens, expansive sun terraces and large infinity swimming pools, all of which also make a villa an excellent venue for hosting weddings. Guests sharing a villa can also enjoy the services of a private chef to whip up a daily culinary feast, which can be enjoyed inside or al fresco, but always in comfortable surroundings. Onsite activities also abound and guests often choose to indulge in the services of a private masseuse who can add the relaxation of spa treatments to the villa’s services. Indeed, spa parties are becoming increasingly popular with  groups renting one of Phuket’s private properties.