What types of Bali luxury villa are offered for rent?

Bali Beach Villas

“Guests staying in one of Bali’s private villas need never be more than a few metres away from the sea”

Bali is arguably one of the most popular island holiday destinations in the world. Its soft sand, jade-coloured waters and swaying palm trees make it the jewel in the crown of Southeast Asia’s destinations. An increasing number of holiday makers are opting to enjoy the best of Bali’s natural treasures by renting out a private beach villa for the duration of their stay on the island. This means they can stay surrounded by the island’s natural scenery without ever having to be too far away from the luxury and comfort on offer in their private accommodation.


Bali Ocean View Villas

 “A number of Bali’s hillside villas feature stunning ocean views”

For guests that like to have a little extra privacy, a villa nestled away on an cliffside or hilltop location is ideal. Many of Bali’s hillside villas offer spectacular ocean views in one direction and views of the surrounding jungle and cascading rice terraces in the other. Facilities at Bali’s ocean view villas often also include beautifully landscaped gardens, luxurious sun terraces and relaxing swimming pool areas from which the magnificent views can be enjoyed and captured on camera.


Bali Romantic Villas

“The seclusion of a private villa is perfect for couples that want to get away from it all on a romantic holiday”

Bali has established something of a reputation for itself as a romantic destination. The island’s stunning beaches and tropical landscape undoubtedly has a lot to do with this label. However, the island is also home to a growing number of one and two-bedroom private rental properties that serve as the perfect romantic getaway for couples seeking avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded hotel resorts in the island’s main tourist areas. Facilities such as a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and outdoor terrace and dining area are perfect for couples that want to take romance up a notch.


Bali Family Villas

“The facilities available in many of Bali’s luxury private villas guarantee fun for the whole family’

Rather than go to the hassle and expense of booking out and squeezing in to several hotel rooms for a holiday, an increasing number of families are choosing to take advantage of the extra space afforded by one of Bali’s luxury private villas. Large gardens offer a safe location for children to run around and play, with private pools and a selection of pool toys and accessories providing hours of entertainment. For added family fun, many villas also boast their own entertainment rooms and mini theatres for families to enjoy some games or a movie together. Alternatively, if the adults fancy a night out on the town, it is also possible to organise the services of a professional babysitter through the villa’s personal concierge.


Bali Villas for Groups

 Bali’s luxury villas are becoming increasingly popular with groups

Many of Bali’s larger villas provide multiple bedrooms and a choice of living, dining and relaxation areas. This makes them a great place to stay for larger groups travelling to the island. Booking out a villa with multiple bedrooms is often a more economical and convenient than booking several hotel rooms, a factor which means Bali’s holiday properties are growing in popularity as the venue of choice for groups of friends or families sharing a private holiday. Many villa rental agencies also work hand in hand with wedding planners to arrange bespoke villa weddings. Bali’s private villas generally come with a fully-equipped kitchen and top of the line entertainment facilities, while outdoors, a private pool area, outdoor dining terrace and expansive landscaped gardens also means there is plenty of space for larger groups to enjoy the surrounding treasures of Bali’s natural assts.