Villa Chef Delights

For guests staying in one of Thailand’s luxurious holiday villas, having a private chef on hand means a vast array of gastronomic delights is just an order away.

Villa Roxo features a stylish dining area perfect for enjoying culinary treats whipped up by the private chef

Regardless of the destination, there’s one thing you can be sure of when you jet across the world to an exotic location – a range if exciting new experiences. For some people, the prospect of exploring glorious landscapes and discovering intriguing cultural sites is where the excitement lies, while for others, it’s new flavours and an dining experiences.

Thailand’s spectacular culinary repertoire is one of the country’s main attractions, and tourists from across the world travel to the Kingdom to explore its rich flavourful cuisine. A range of dining options are also available, from humble street-side stalls to award-winning eateries and restaurants in dramatic locations.

For visitors staying in a private villa on Phuket or Koh Samui, the prospect of in-villa dining is a major plus. Many of the islands’ high-end holiday properties come with their own professional Thai chef, so guests can enjoy the best of Thailand’s cuisine without even leaving their luxurious island abode.

We round up a few of the many benefits of that come when you have a professional chef on hand at your holiday villa.

Tailored to perfection

The professional chef at Koh Samui’s Ban Suriya brings a host of sumptuous dishes to the table

Did you ever sit down in a restaurant and excitedly scan the menu only to discover that your favourite dish isn’t on it? That sense of disappointment is not something that guests staying in one of Thailand’s private villas tend to experience, as they have the freedom to craft their own daily menu during their stay.

Once they’ve settled in, villa guests are invited to sit down with the villa manager and in-house chef to put together a mouth-watering list of dishes that suits their taste buds and cravings at that given moment. Of course, Thai cuisine is typically a Thai chef’s specialty – but they can also produce delicious dishes from an eclectic array of global culinary cultures, from Italy to India.

Foodie adventures

Having a professional chef on hand means you’ll have plenty of chances to try new dishes whilst on holiday at Baan Kilee, in Koh Samui

With a creative chef ready to prepare almost any dish that’s desired, guests staying at one of Koh Samui’s or Phuket’s private holiday villas have a golden opportunity to try out new dishes. If you’ve seen a Thai dish that you like the look of, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet, a villa holiday is the moment to taste something new that could quickly become a favourite

Depending on the chef’s personal repertoire, you may have the chance to sample real traditional dishes with a unique, creative infusions crafted just for you. For example, the fragrant chicken marinade created by the chef at Koh Samui’s Baan Suriya will have you begging for more – and it’s a recipe you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Most chefs are also happy to adapt dishes to your personal preferences. So, if you like things spicy, for example, then delectable Thai soups and curries can be tailored to match your cravings exactly.

What about allergies?

All of the dishes served Koh Samui’s Sangsuri villas can be tailored to guests’ tastes

For those with food allergies – no matter how severe – eating out in a restaurant can be a stressful experience. Often, you don’t have the chance to communicate directly with the chef, so you can’t enjoy your meal with peace of mind, knowing for certain that you won’t have a reaction to one of the ingredients.

Villa guests, however, have the chance to advise the chef on what their dietary restrictions involve so that specific allergies will no longer be a concern.  If you’re allergic to a key ingredient within one of the dishes and your chef knows in advance, he or she will even be able to incorporate a substitute item so you’re not missing out on any of the main Thai flavours.

The finest produce

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are a menu staple at Koh Samui’s Dhevatara Residence

As well as having a private chef who knows how to create a range of culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, access to good quality fresh produce is also crucial if you are hoping for memorable holiday meals . After all, fine ingredients are the basis for every tasty dish.

The professional chefs in Koh Samui or Phuket’s private villas have superb knowledge of local suppliers, and know exactly where to get the best meat, vegetables, seafood and spices. They’ll also be clued up on all of the best bakeries, patisseries and delis in the area, so there’s little chance you’ll be staying hungry.

It’s also the chef’s job to go shopping, and this opens up a great opportunity for guests who want to learn more about the fresh produce that forms the foundation of traditional Thai cuisine. What’s more when it comes to fruit, your chef will be aware of what the best seasonal fruits available at a specific time of year, so you can be confident that you’ll have the chance to chow down on some truly tasty food.