Vietnam Shopping

Wholesale stores and supermarket are now available everywhere in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

The quality of goods at affordable prices make Vietnam a shopping haven and the country has everything bargain hunters could wish for. The variety of goods available for purchase is enough to overwhelm even the most experienced shopaholic. Namoi and Ho Chi Minh City both offer endless opportunities for retail therapy and popular souvenirs include the traditional Vietnamese silk dress – the Ao Dai, as well a lacquer art and fine jewellery.

The seaside town of Hoi An has two main shopping allures: the Central or Riverside markets selling traditional hand made goods such as baskets, hats, clothing and handicrafts; and the abundance of tailors situated downtown. Some of the tailors are more skillful than others, but the quality is generally high and the tailors can make most things to measure including shirts, suits, dresses and even shoes.




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