Vietnam Nightlife

Most places close soon after midnight. But what��'s available is quality fun.

Ho Chi Minh city is undoubtedly the best place to party in Vietnam. In recent years, a sophisticated club scene has developed around the city with a number of bars also offering regular live music performances and high-end nightclubs showcasing international DJs to accompany the imported liquor and top notch cocktails. Most places close by 1 am, although some run later, especially in the popular tourist areas. Hanoi also has its fair share of clubs and bars, but the capital remains more sedate on the whole, with most local Vietnamese socialising in the country's famed streetside bars. These makeshift watering holes are a great experience, seeming to spring up from nowhere as the sun goes down to serve up bia hơi (local draught beer) and assorted Vietnamese delicacies.

In beach destinations like Nha Trang and Phan Thiet, tourist nightclubs and beach bars also offer plenty of night time revelry, while many of the larger hotels also have their own bars and discos. The towns themselves, however, are relatively quiet at night, except for Karaoke clubs. Surprisingly, most Vietnamese Karaoke bars have a good selection of western songs to choose from and hiring a private room to croon and consume can make for a highly entertaining night out with friends.




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