Types of Bali villas for rental

Size Matters, sometimes

Master bedroom in villa Adenium Bali

“When it comes to villa sizes, Bali offers visitors a wide choice”

If you are travelling as part of a larger group, staying in a private villa is often a great deal more convenient than booking out several hotel rooms simultaneously. Bali is home to a vast portfolio of villas, some of which are perfect for one or two couples holidaying together. Meanwhile, larger properties are also available for families or groups of friends that need a combination of space and privacy. Some of the larger villas on the island also serve as ideal venues for weddings. Villas with more than five bedrooms, lots of covered spaces and splendid gardens offer couples a variety of options for the ceremony and celebrations.


The Design Choice is Yours

Traditional Balinese style villas for rental, Pangi Gita.

“Bali’s range of holiday properties is immense, whether a traditional villa or a holiday home with all mod cons”

The “Island of the Gods” is home to a fascinating and rich culture which brings tourists back year after year. For some visitors, staying in hotels doesn’t quite capture Bali’s uniqueness, and for that reason they decide to stay in one of the island’s traditional Balinese-style properties. Traditionally, Balinese properties are made from wood and feature verandah areas and large windows to help keep the property cool throughout the day, but if a charming wooden property isn’t your idea of heaven, modern properties also abound. Private swimming pools, Jacuzzi, even mini movie theaters are common and no matter the design, most villas ill feature air conditioning, comfortable lounging areas and a fully-equipped kitchen.


Room with a View

Ocean view from Maya Majapahit Bali villa

“Many of Bali’s private villas feature stunning views of the island’s incredible scenery”

Bali is a picture perfect tropical island surrounded by jade-coloured waters with miles of lush rice terraces once you travel inland, so it is no wonder that the exclusive locations of private villas often offer some of the best views on the island. Many villas feature stunning ocean views, and those situated further inland look out over the famous paddies that have become so characteristic of the island. Many of Bali’s private holiday properties also feature beach access, which is perfect for families or friends that want to enjoy a day on the sand without wandering too far from their villa’s facilities. Honeymooners and couples can also choose to rent a property in a more remote spot where there is no one around to disturb the exquisite tranquility of their romantic break.


Near or Far from the Action

Popular tourist beach in Bali

“Bali’s private holiday properties are scattered across a range of locations”

No one wants to spend their time driving everywhere on holiday, which is why villas located near to Bali’s most popular tourist areas and beaches have become such a hit with international visitors. Shops, beaches, restaurants and nightlife are all within a short stroll from your front door. For visitors who enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet, a villa in a remote location among the island’s vast rice terraced landscape may be ideal. It is easy to hire a car, and once you are ensconced in the villa with everything close to hand, there’s no need to venture far.