Thailand Looks to the Future

Thailand Looks to the Future

Visitors that make their way to Thailand on vacation this year will find that accessing travel information has become easier with the launch of the new “Thailand Scan Me” initiative.

The project, which was launched by the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, will provide tourism information for visitors at attractions nationwide via a QR code or “Quick Response” code – a device-readable optical label that when scanned by a smartphone will link the user to a specific web page.

The scheme was recently launched at the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Centre in Chanthaburi, and according to Kobkarn Wattanaveangkul, the country’s tourism and sports minister, the programme will provide tourists with the chance to access a wealth of useful information in both English and Thai.

Content that has previously been used for tourism brochures will now be made more easily accessible through the system.

“Today, travellers use smartphones to search for tourism information – particularly via mobile applications that can scan QR codes,” Khun Kobkarn explained to the local press. “The Department of Tourism therefore gathers useful information on attractions, transportation, facilities, accommodation, restaurants and shopping venues for travellers.”

For the first year of the scheme, approximately 300 different QR codes will be available at last 60 different attractions across the country. These sites will include various UNESCO heritage sites, national parks, hidden gem destinations and other various attractions. The information will be provided without independent verification with details sourced from official guides and websites.

This latest project is just one in a host of tech-savvy schemes to sweep through Thailand’s tourism sector, and is yet another demonstration of the Kingdom’s commitment to delivering a 21st century-model of convenient, accessible tourism.

An array of resources can now be accessed at the swipe of a screen. In fact, the TAT’s own app, called Visit Thailand, provides information and advice on the best shopping destinations, nightlife hotspots and major sightseeing stops. The app is also illustrated with an array of stunning photographs that will also provide a sneaky peak into some of the Kingdom’s highlights before you even arrive.


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