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Some selected standout island and beaches we wanted to share, were you will find paradise just as 'Will and Kate' did for their honeymoon. The Seychelles Islands has endless natural beauty spanning 115 coral islands that stand out in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Secluded beach in Seychelles

La Digue

Anse Source d'Argent

La Digue is the third largest inhabited island of the Seychelles of about (10 km²). With a small local population of no more than 2,000 people. Located just East of the more famous Paslin island. There is a ferry to Praslin and Mahé but No Airport.

As to be expected you will encounter dreamlike powdery sand beaches surrounded  by the islands natural granite boulders which always makes for an  unforgettable view.

Perhaps not the best know beach for avid swimmers due to the low tides making shallow waters  but if you have kids or your not a strong swimmer. Then it is ideal for just lazing around or paddling about. There are some nice little local spots to get a bite to eat and taste some local flavours such as fresh grilled fish. We highly recommend the banana pancakes.


Petite Anse

Here you really can get a sense of being isolated which invokes visions of being a Castaway.If you are feeling adventurous you can take a short 20 min trek east coats to Grand Anse and then head a little further North to Petite Anse. From here you will easily find your isolated spot in paradise -pull up a towel and drift away into dreamlike paradise.

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Anse Georgette

This small, serene beach is among the most beautiful on the whole of Praslin Island. Many visitors will also say it is the cleanest beach with the clearest water you'll ever find. Which is a high praise indeed given the quality of beaches to be found in the Seychelles. You will also find one the  best swimming experience due to calm waters and you can enjoy the palms fringed cove and look for shells. Visitors who want the ultimate privacy and memorable beach will head to the western point of Praslin, here there is a real 'gem' of a beach in a cove, because it is of the beat and track making it  little harder to access by foot, it is best to reach by boat. Otherwise you have to pass via the resort which is surrounding the main afoot access to the cove.

Anse Lazio

One of the most popular beaches in the Seychelles which is home to more stunning white sand and clear azure waters.The texture of the sand will really impress you especially those who want to sunbath in the lovely soft sand and catch some rays.

This beach is also quite long with granite boulders and plenty of shaded areas under plans and coconut trees. The calmness of the water here is perfect for families and it is generally very calm all year round.  Many visitors can hike to Anse Lazio from Anse Kerlan which is a great nature trail to then see this bay at the end.


Bird Island

As you land on the island you just feel like you have landed on Paradise. The whole island is literally paradise with so much to do and everything for nature lovers.This is the best chance to try snorkeling with turtles over an amazing reef full of aquatic life, then watch birds breeding all over the island. The whole island is enclosed by white beaches and small drift wood.

If you are lucky enough and the right time of season visitors can come close to seeing Dolphins and the occasional reef sharks. One of the must see experiences is to see Hawksbill turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. We highly recommend visitors to join an organized Ecotour on offer to make the most of the experience.

Nature lovers rejoice Bird island Seychelles


Beau Vallon

Situated in a large bay on the north western coast of Mahé you find Beau Vallon. Given that Seychelles largest and main island, is Mahe Beau Vallon its no surprise that it is one the more popular beaches with a decent size of about 3km stretch with opportunity for those who enjoy more active waterspouts such as Parasailing, Jet skiing, Snorkeling and Sailing. And for the more avid Scuba Divers this is one of the main bases to start from.

You can find some safe swim zones marked off away from any water sports with nearby lifeguards at hand. For these feeling hungry and want to stroll our from their resort, there are lots of small eateries and restaurants including the famous white building of Al Mare, and the popular Pizzeria 'Sun Coco' also very popular with the locals.

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Anse Intendance

Intendance on the south of Mahé stretches for close to half a mile of soft white sands and perhaps what makes this beach different to others is duringSouth to East wind periods large waves can been seen making for very exciting views and you will find people gently take walks and sunbath. Opposite to this during the period when the North to West winds start you find all is returned to gentle calm waters. This time can be great for swimmers due to the lack of reef making very nice entry points for swimming.

Anse Takamaka

This beach is a sunbathers dream! You can see endless white soft sand as far as 2km or more all set against stunning thick tropical forest which really gives you the sense of being in time long lost before. A must check out is Chez Batista restaurant with a range fresh seafood but most will kick back with a cocktail in hand and being captivated by from the views

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