Private Picnic on the Beach

At a private villa on Samui or Phuket you can revel in the spectacular beauty of an island seascape, or take in the sunset spectacle, as you feast on a gourmet picnic on the beach right in front of your luxury holiday home.


Guests enjoying a stay at one of Thailand’s luxury private rental villas can look forward to a rich array of unique dining options.

Many villas on Koh Samui and Phuket come with their own resident professional chef, who is able to prepare a plethora of enticing meals – whether you feel like eating in the villa’s spacious dining room, on the poo terrace or even on the beach.

Guests in the mood for an al fresco treat can ask the villa staff to help make their beachside experience all the more memorable by setting up a comfortable array of cushions and a table on the sand, complemented by a gourmet hamper of delicious treats personally prepared by the chef.

Below are a selection of tasty treats to inspire your seaside feast.

Toast to Good Fortune

A meal in a stunning setting deserves an exquisite drink to accompany it, so why not explore your villa’s extensive wine cellar to see what beverage takes your fancy? Thanks to the high level of demand from Thailand’s expat community and overseas travellers, islands like Samui and Phuket import a wide assortment of new and old world wines, champagnes and even craft beers. From a rich and full-bodied South Australian red to a crisp and delicate New Zealand white, you can take your pick. Based on the picnic menu, the chef will even be able to suggest a wine to complement the food.

Flavours of Thailand

If you’re in the mood for a light start to your beachside feast, but one that’s simply bursting with flavour, why not ask your chef to prepare a traditional Thai green papaya salad? If you imagine this dish to be like a Western salad of lettuce leaves and cucumber, you’re in for a surprise. This delicious dish comprises shredded green papaya, green beans and tomatoes marinated in an irresistible dressing of fish sauce, lime, garlic, chilli and sugar. A sprinkling of toasted peanuts adds a little extra crunch.

Protein Punch

If you want to pack in some protein alongside your papaya salad, a marinated Thai chicken satay is sure to go down a treat. Usually made from chicken or pork and served on wooden skewers, these mouth-watering snacks offer much more than meat. A marinade of fish sauce, lime, Sriracha, garlic and coriander infuses the meat with a cacophony of lip-smacking flavours, helping ensure it stays tender when it’s grilled as well. Have your villa’s chef flame grill your satay’s in the property’s barbecue pit before  bringing them down to the beach.

Delectable Imports

For those that want to indulge in a little luxury Western comfort food rather than a traditional Thai meal, there are plenty of choices on tourist hotspots like Samui and Phuket. Both islands are home to a fabulous range of delis which are well stocked with Parma hams, cured salamis and even French cheeses. Throw in a jar of olives, a fresh baguette and a bottle of merlot and you will be on course for picnic heaven. Finger food makes a great menu for a picnic on the beach, as you can nibble at your favourite goodies, taking breaks between treats to snap some magical photographs of the sunset.

Healthy Sweets

No good picnic is complete without a dessert, and if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter and healthier after filling up on baguettes and a wheel of brie, perhaps a platter of sweet Thai fruits will hit the spot? Thailand is blessed with a colourful rainbow of locally grown tropical fruits, including watermelon, mango and pineapple. Visitors in the mood for something a little more unusual can order mangosteens, rambutans or dragon fruit to add a little intrigue to the luxury fruit salad.