Private Villa Gardens on Phuket and Samui

Not only is Thailand’s warm climate appealing for holidaymakers in search of some outdoor relaxation, it is also offers the ideal environment to nurture colourful tropical flora, and spacious villas provide the perfect plots.

As well as offering vastly more internal living space than most hotel accommodation, many of the luxurious villas peppered across the Thai islands’ sunny shores also come with their own lawns and garden gazebos, allowing guests to spread out and enjoy their own exclusive outdoor space.

Outdoor terraces and garden nooks provide a wonderful setting for complete relaxation, and often also offer an appealing vantage point for stunning ocean or mountain views.

Whether or not you consider yourself a garden person, the flora and fauna of Thailand offer a feast of colours that beautifully complement the understated modern tones inside modern holiday villas. Well tended gardens also draw nature close without the need for treks into the wild.

Whether enjoying the first meal of the day with an uninterrupted ocean view or catching up on your reading under a sea breeze-tickled canopy of palms; almost any holiday activity that can be experienced indoors has its enjoyment magnified by the great outdoors.

Blissful Breakfast

How you spend your morning will set the tone for the rest of the day, so it makes sense to enjoy a delicious, unhurried breakfast in pleasant surroundings. As well as avoiding the breakfast rush experienced by hotel guests, those staying in private villas can also enjoy their morning meal in the tranquil surroundings of their villa’s garden, either in an outdoor “sala” or on the grass under the shade of tropical trees. Whether you’re indulging in a full breakfast or just sipping on a fresh fruit smoothie, looking out over the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of the Thailand as you eat is an unbeatable way to start the day.

Room to Romp

After counting down the days until they go on holiday, it’s likely that little ones will have plenty of extra energy to burn whilst they are on their travels. A private villa garden provides a safe, enclosed area for children to run around and allows them to use up some of that extra energy in a place where mum and dad can keep an eye on them. Expansive private gardens are also a fantastic place to set up a few games – from treasure hunts that extend onto the beach to your own mini Olympics. The garden is also a great place for painting and other potentially messy arts and crafts that you want to keep out of the living areas.

Natural Gym

If you spent months before your holiday working on that  perfectly toned beach body, the last thing you want to do is let all the hard work go to waste by neglecting your fitness routine. A villa garden provides the ideal space to work out – far away from the prying eyes of anyone who might giggle as you squat and lunge your way between the trees. The soothing tropical atmosphere of a villa garden also lends itself perfectly to meditation and yoga, with the ever-present sea breeze guaranteed to keep you cool. If you don’t fancy rolling out your yoga mat on the grass, why not take it to an outdoor sala for an energising yoga session in the shade?

Date with the Sun

Taking advantage of the fantastic warm weather is probably how the majority of villa guests plan on utilising their private outdoor spaces. That may mean lazing on an inflatable bed in the private pool, snoozing on a sun lounger on the pool deck, or relaxing with a book in the shade of a tall tree. Whatever way you prefer to soak up the peace, the garden is always at your disposal. The best part is, you’re only a few metres away from your kitchen when you feel thirsty or fancy a quick snack. If you want to cool down for ten minutes after a couple of hours in the sun, your air-conditioned living room or bedroom is also right there waiting when needed.

Lazy Daze

If you are not planning on using your villa garden to catch bathe in the sun, it can still be used as a place for blissful relaxation. Many of Thailand’s private villas include a choice of covered outdoor areas with trees and furnished pergolas, most of which provide the ideal location for an unhurried day of doing nothing. An afternoon snooze in a shady hammock is one of the ultimate holiday indulgences, especially when it’s preceded by a few fruity lunchtime cocktails and accompanied by a favourite holiday read or a chilled soundtrack through your headphones.