Phuket for Kids


While some areas of the island might be known for their vibrant nightlife, a growing array of attractions and activities on Phuket now cater to the needs of adults travelling with children. There is plenty to do for families in the mood for an afternoon away from the sun, sea and sand – whether this means delving into the jungle or enjoying a trip to the local water park. 


Phuket Trick Eye Museum


Phuket is home to a handful of historical museums and cultural attractions, but these might not be the places that get your kids excited enough to leave the pool. The Trick Eye Museum offers a totally different experience for younger visitors, however, as it is crammed with life-sized, mind-boggling optical illusions which will have everyone – teenagers included – roaring with laughter. This eccentric attraction will challenge your brain and appeal to your sense of fun – a hit with everyone in the family.


Phuket Zorbing


For kids in search of a holiday activity that’s a little removed from the usual agenda; zorbing has to be one of Phuket’s best options. Invented in New Zealand, hill rolling (as it’s usually referred to) involves strapping yourself to the inside of a giant plastic ball and hurling yourself down a track that slopes gently down a hill. Between the ball where you are strapped there is an outer layer filled with air, so there is no chance of you feeling the lumps and bumps as you roll. Phuket’s zorbing centre overlooks the picturesque Kalim Beach, so riders who stop spinning for long enough can enjoy fabulous views of Patong Bay.


Phuket Zip Lining


Even little ones will want to enjoy the best of Phuket’s spectacular tropical scenery when they visit the island. Rather than dragging little ones around on a hot and dusty coach tour, consider exploring the local scenery from a different angle, far above the ground. Visitors to the Kathu area can visit the Flying Hanuman Centre, where it’s possible to get right up into the jungle’s canopy and see all of the wildlife, flora and fauna up close. For little ones, the main attraction of course is the thrilling zip line ride itself, which connects a series of wooden platforms atop the trees. For adults, each platform also offers a fabulous opportunity for photographs.


Phuket Upside Down


Home to three unusual attractions, Baan Teelanka is a firm favourite with families on holiday in Phuket. First and foremost is the upside down house, a quirky three-storey stricture built with the roof as its base. Visitors can have fun exploring the inside of the house as well, where everything is upside down. Guests then continue the wacky Alice in Wonderland-style experience outside, where there is a maze shaped garden. Finally, the Chamber of Secrets is a room in which families have one hour to figure out clues that will open the doors.


Phuket Go Karting


If there’s one activity that will get kids excited, regardless of their age or gender, it’s go karting. Patong’s Go Kart Speedway is the ideal destination for young drivers who fancy themselves as budding Lewis Hamiltons. The best part is, parents can also get in on the action as there are plenty of adult-sized karts as well. Carts zoom round a 750m track, which includes a number of gradual curves mixed in with dramatic hairpin bends for added excitement. A range of different vehicles are available depending on your age and driving ability, and some of the adult cars can reach speeds of 110km per hour. Safety is the number one priority at the Speedway, and the track is lined with tyres just in case any emergency stops are needed.


Phuket Waterparks


If you’re under 15, no holiday to Phuket would be complete without a trip to some kind of water park – and the Splash Jungle Water Park in Mai Khao Beach just happens to be one of the best ones in Thailand. The park boasts 12 water slides, as well as rides and other attractions. Meanwhile, older kids or those that want to learn a new skill may prefer a trip to Surf House Phuket, where you can ride the waves regardless of the sea conditions. The centre is based on a high pressure wave generating machine that casts a small wave up a sloping swimming pool. Beginners can hold onto a safety rope, and thanks to the strong upward flow of water, if they stumble off the board they will gently bounce up instead of falling down.



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