Philippines Spa and Wellness

The ancient healing knowledge passed down through the generations

The Philippines is renowned for its relaxation and rejuvenation options thanks to the ancient healing knowledge passed down through the generations. Many high end hotel and resorts and luxury serviced apartments feature their own lavish spas. Outside the hotel and resort operated spas, visitors can find everything from independently run high-end spas to the more affordable plainer options.

Most spas offer a minimum of massages, facials and scrubs, while the more expensive ones often have more advanced treatments available such as hydrotherapy, detox and sometimes medical treatments as well. In Manila, the spa in the Shangri-La Hotel, Chi Spa, offers a wide range of carefully designed treatments including their signature Himalayan healing stone massage. In the seaside resorts of Boracay and Cebu visitors will also find a range of luxurious tropical spas with a full range of indulgent treatments.




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