Personalized Fun & Festivities

As festive season takes hold once again, plans are being made for special celebrations. Private villas in Thailand are an increasingly popular choice for exclusive group gatherings.

In Thailand, November marks the beginning of an extended season of festivities that includes the Festival of Light or Loy Krathong (November 25th), HM the King’s Birthday (December 5th - also Thai Father’s Day), Christmas (December 24th or 25th), and of course, two new year celebrations – the Gregorian version on January 1st and Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on February 8th.

“Renting a private villa in Thailand at this time of year offers up a whole host of opportunities to celebrate with friends and family,” says Andrew Craig, Group CEO for Luxury Villas and Homes. “It really doesn’t matter if you decide to adopt a local festival or follow the festive traditions from back home; either option provides the perfect excuse to hold an unforgettable extended private party.”

Although most hotels in The Kingdom offer guests activities and entertainment options during festive periods; when you have your own generous private spaces in which to plan and enjoy a celebration, the experience is much more memorable.

With the help of a knowledgeable, helpful villa manager and his or her team, it’s not difficult to match and even go one better than most hotels when it comes to holding a private event. Special food, music, entertainment and surprises can all be arranged in advance, with efficient staff on hand to prepare and run the festivities on the day.

“By renting a large villa or even two three adjacent properties, families, groups of friends or even a combination both can create their own, unique holiday gathering,” adds Andrew Craig.

Below are some highlights and special moments that guests can add to their private celebrations to share and remember.

Height of Good Taste

The top private villas in Thailand not only come with a dedicated team of staff but also include the services of a personal chef. Most villa chef’s have a hotel background so they are used to catering for special events and can help plan a delicious menu or series of menus to ensure every guest’s taste buds are suitably delighted. Tropical cocktail ingredients, fine wines, classy bubbles and top notch spirits are also easy to source with a little advanced notice, so there’s no need to skimp on the merrymaking unless you prefer to focus on healthier types of fun (read on).

Light up the Night

Most people enjoy a good fireworks display, and Thailand is one of the few countries in the world where you can still organize your own personal sound and light show. Even on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, fireworks are available to buy over the counter, but it is still advisable and safer to hire professionals for a controlled display, which can easily be arranged through the manager at a private villa. Meanwhile, for those who want to add even more flames to the festive fire, it’s now also possible to hire professional fire dancers to perform a routine on the beach or in the garden of the villa.

Dance to your own Beat

Most private villas come with their own high-spec sound system and docking stations for guests to stream their own favourite music through the top quality speakers. But there’s still nothing quite like hiring a DJ or live band to perform for a special event. Islands like Phuket and Koh Samui are perennially popular with DJs and musicians looking to escape the pressures of the urban nightlife scene. This means it’s surprisingly easy to hire a professional artist or group of artists to add that special musical touch to your festive proceedings. DJs increasingly perform in beach clubs on Phuket and Samui with percussionists or saxophonists, and there are also plenty of skilled acoustic guitarists and singers available for those in search of a low-key soundtrack to their daytime or after dark celebrations.

Hints of Tradition

For those who prefer a more authentic form of celebration; releasing lanterns into the sky is an ancient tradition during Loy Krathong in Thailand, but one that can also be replicated on any special night of the year. The process of lighting and releasing the lanterns has a spiritual quality about it and can also very romantic as it usually requires two people to hold the lantern as fills with hot air before flight. Other distinctively Thai traditions that can be exclusively enjoyed in a private villa include elegant Thai dance performances and, of course, a traditional Thai feast with a delicious array of local dishes exquisitely presented and accompanied by melodies performed by a classical Thai ensemble.

Celebrating Wellness

While festivals are usually more associated with boisterous gatherings, there are those who prefer to mark the celebration with a decidedly calmer experience, such as a spa, meditation or yoga retreat. Thailand already enjoys a reputation as a wellness hub, with trained professionals readily available for private group or one-on-one sessions. Private holiday villas in the Kingdom offer the additional benefit of a gorgeous tropical setting, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in tranquility inside and out. A private villa also offers the opportunity for guests to design a customized holistic wellness getaway which can include yoga instruction, a nutrition-oriented menu and massage therapies.