Personal Health and Wellness Retreat

A private rental villa offers the perfect place to escape from the world, which is why increasing numbers of villa guests spend their precious down time focusing on physical and spiritual wellbeing.

For people living a fast-paced modern urban lifestyle; renting a private villa on an island such as Phuket and Koh Samui offers an irresistible opportunity to abscond from daily demands and get back in tune with the body and mind.

Some guests rejuvenate by doing very little on holiday other than lying in the sun, eating good food and enjoying the company of friends and family. Others choose more active ways to relax, heading out to explore the stunning tropical surroundings on island tours and boat trips. In recent years, a third type of person has also started renting private villas as a way to cut off from the world. Namely, those in search of a little physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Thanks to their size, exclusive facilities and inspiring locations, most of the private villas located on Thailand’s favourite islands easily cater to all the personal needs mentioned above. In fact, some guests manage to combine indolence, activity, rejuvenation and social time during their stay, which guarantees they return home ready for anything.

Whether you prefer total tranquility and reflection, an action packed holiday schedule, or a combination of the two, private rental villas offer a rare opportunity to tailor your holiday to fit your personal goals and desires.

Fitness Fun

Many private rental villas provide several options for guests that want to stay or even get fit during their holiday. Having your own private swimming pool to jump into definitely makes a few daily laps and stretches easy to achieve. Most villas also boast a personal gym for guests that either want to continue their daily exercise regime or start a new one. Then, of course, there’s the beach and ocean, which not only beckon walking, jogging and swimming, but also provide an excuse to get sporty, whether by playing beach games like volleyball, paddling off in kayaks or heading out on a snorkeling and diving trip – all of which add some fun to your fitness.

Soothing Spa

Phuket and Koh Samui offer a vast range of indulgent professional spa treatments, and guests at a private villa on either island can enjoy these on the privacy and comfort of their own holiday home. Thai massage is well known for its beneficial effects and a daily session with a skilled local masseuse can not only relax aching body parts but even heal injured ones. Other treatments such as aroma therapy massage combine physical and sensory elements to ease away stress and strain. When you add a natural soundtrack of gentle lapping waves or whispering palm fronds, the soothing effect is complete.

Spiritual Health

People that practice yoga and meditation at home often want to maintain or even extend their routine on holiday. Private villas not only provide plenty of space and inspiring views as a backdrop for such practice; guests can also engage the services of professional teachers who will come to their villa to give lessons and guidance. This also means a villa holiday offers the ideal opportunity for guests to learn a new discipline such as yoga or meditation, so that they can return home armed with the skills to stay tuned and chilled.

Eat Well

Thai cuisine is famous for its liberal use of fresh, healthy ingredients and on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui guests can also add a daily seafood catch to their holiday feast. Top island rental villas also come with their own private chef, which means people with specific dietary requirements, those looking to lose a few pounds, or guests simply wishing to focus on healthy eating for a while can easily design their own holiday menu wit advice and input from their own personal “wizard in the kitchen”.

Sleep Sweet

One of the most basic requirements for health and positivity is a good night’s sleep, yet few people manage to achieve a routine of satisfying slumber in their daily lives. Holidays provide an important chance to catch up on much needed snooze time – at night, of course, and also with the occasional sneaky nap during the day. The bedrooms at private villas generally offer a tranquil retreat with supremely comfortable, supportive beds, soft sheets and sink-into pillows. Black-out curtains make dream time an option day or night and touch sensitive air conditioning allows guests to set exactly the right atmosphere for perfect repose. It’s also much easier to wake up with an inspirational view waiting beyond the curtains.