Outdoor attractions at a private villa

Abundant flora and fauna line the pathways to the striking entrance doors to Koh Samui’s Upni Duniya

Spread across sun-soaked islands like Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand’s stunning array of luxury private villas have plenty to offer guests in terms of facilities. Chic, elegant interiors are home to spa-like bathrooms, contemporary kitchens and spacious bedroom suites with their own private dressing and lounging areas.

Awe-inspiring features aren’t limited to indoor zones at a private villa – the beautifully-designed outdoor areas have plenty to offer, too. From gleaming plunge pools and water features, to hidden landscaped hideaways accessed via shaded stepping stone paths, there’s always a new area to explore.

We take a closer look at a few of the fabulous design features you can expect to find in the landscaped garden at your luxury Thai villa.
Works of art

The stunning elephant sculptures at Baan Chang pay homage to Thailand’s national animal

For visitors keen to immerse themselves in traditional Thai culture, only a traditionally-designed villa will do. Many of the luxury villas across Koh Samui and Phuket exude quintessential Ayutthaya architectural features – but the decorative Thai features don’t stop at the buildings. Many villa gardens feature stunning sculptures and statues, showing that in the tropical Thai climate, works of art do not have to be limited to indoor areas. Depending on the villa, you’ll notice that the sculptures are made from an array of materials, always designed to complement the aesthetic tone of the rest of the property. Clay, stone and marble-effect materials are a common, and animals or figures from Thai literature are often represented.

If you’re on the lookout for a villa with garden wow factor, Baan Chang ticks all the boxes. The word “Chang” translates to “elephant” – Thailand’s national animal. A stroll through the grounds at Baan Chang will reveal a selection of elephant sculptures, so you feel the friendly vibe of these adorable creatures throughout the property. Inside, there are even hand-painted sliding doors that pay homage to these stunning creatures.

Private corners


At Sangsuri Villa 1, a series of elegant stepping stones lead across to a private lawn area with outdoor seating


The majority of Thailand’s most luxurious private villas feature an array of spacious outdoor areas that are perfect for socialising. Expansive lawns, commodious pool terraces and roomy outdoor salas are all ideal settings for fun gatherings with friends and family. But how about when you want to soak up a few rays in private tranquillity?

Clever designs with a smart use of space mean that in addition to their main garden areas, many of Thailand’s private villas also boast very private outdoor spaces. Some bedrooms, for example, come with their own balcony-style terraces, providing a fantastic spot to sit and enjoy an al fresco breakfast. Other villas, for instance, are home to bedroom and bathroom suites that are connected to their own private tropical courtyards, or even lawn spaces with sun loungers and mini outdoor dining tables.

Sangsuri Villa 1 is a good example. One of the property’s spacious sleeping suites comes with its own private garden area, complete with outdoor furniture for when you want to catch some rays and catch up on alone time. This private garden oasis also provides a blissful spot for your morning cup of tea or coffee, as you bask in the splendid tropical Thai scenery.

Luxury of space


The spacious lawn area at Sangsuri Villa 1 boasts its own movie projector – perfect for family movie nights, al fresco


No private villa would be complete without its very own expansive garden area – especially a Thai villa, where guests will want to soak up the sun at every opportunity. Vast expanses of pristine, well-tended lawn provide the perfect setting for a variety of occasions, from casual pool parties to weddings. Many lawn areas feature views of the ocean, too. There is plenty of space for guests to flop down with a blanket and cushion, simply to enjoy the surroundings. Tropical flora and fauna, including frangipani trees, orchids and jasmine, will all be blooming in the vicinity, providing an irresistibly sweet fragrance to complement the salty sea breeze. Tropical blooms will also add bright pops of colour to the emerald green lawns, making your villa’s garden extra Instagrammable.

The villa lawns at Sangsuri 1 and Baan Suriya come with an added attraction – outdoor movie projector screens. These enormous screens can be set up for a movie night on the lawn, in a fantastic setting that you’ll never forget – whether you’re watching Frozen with your family, or a Rom-Com with a group of your best friends.

Secret garden


Winding up the grassy outdoor grassy slope at Baan Chang, these wooden steps give the feel of a hidden, secret garden


When it comes to landscaping, the true beauty of traditional Thai gardens is all in the detail. While vast expanses of lawn might comprise the majority of the space allocated to garden areas within Thailand’s private villas, it’s the hidden corners that infuse the gardens with extra charm. These quiet, secret gardens offer up a tranquil hideaway to lose yourself in a book, or even treat yourself to an afternoon nap.

These enticing hidden corners are just as pretty as any of the more sociable areas, and are decorated with a kaleidoscope of tropical Thai blooms, water features and outdoor sculptures. Inviting stepping stone paths are another popular feature, leading guests away from the main social areas of the villas and inviting them to discover secluded corners of serenity and relaxation. Hidden nooks and crannies also help to provide an interesting setting for villa-wide treasure hunts for families travelling with little ones.

At Baan Chang, an alluring winding path leads from the estate’s private road right to the villa’s entrance, cutting a winding path through landscaped gardens with elephant statues. The path is marked out by charming wooden stepping stones, forming a perfect playground for little ones to invent tropical fairy tales during their stay.

Wonderful water features


A stunning stepping stone path leads through the gardens between two carp-filled ponds at Upni Duniya villa on Koh Samui


From trickling fountains to shimmering plunge pools, stunning water features are something you’re likely to see a lot in the gardens of Thailand’s luxury private villas. In addition to providing a soothing soundtrack for the background of your stay, they also infuse the outdoor space with extra visual appeal. At Upni Duniya, for example, the whole property is designed as a series of pavilions all set around a path of stepping stones. Comprised of elegant stepping stones, the path paves a course through two tranquil carp-filled ponds, establishing a quintessentially Asian feeling of meditation and tranquillity.


If you’re on the lookout for somewhere to relax outside at your private villa, here are a few ideas: