Summer AC Getting your ducts in a row

The summer heat is here — time to turn on the air conditioning. Keeping your cool in summertime is easiest when your home or office air-conditioning system is in tip-top shape. Doing so will cut your summer energy bills and help to reduce the threat of global warming by using energy more efficiently. That means both you and the planet stay cooler!

Air conditioning and heating account for nearly half of all energy used in U.S. homes. A lot of that energy is wasted by inefficient or improperly maintained systems. For example, dust and dirt cause your cooling equipment to work harder. That means higher energy bills. Sealing duct leaks in your home and doing other routine maintenance can stop energy waste and save you 10% or more on your summer cooling bill. Here are some more hot tips for a cooler summer:



Buying the right system is only the beginning. Here are some tips to help you use your system wisely:


Whatever type of AC system you buy, however often you use it, be sure to keep it clean and working efficiently. Doing so will help keep the system running well — and help keep you cool for years. Here’s how: