Bangkok hotel to reduce fuel costs

The Novotel Lotus Hotel in Bangkok has become the first hotel to use a leading fuel-saving technology, Etorus FE.

The hotel expects to reduce their fuel consumption by more than 60,000 liters of fuel annually by installing the device, a savings of more than THB 1.6 million.

The hotel property employs two large high speed/high density diesel fuel fired boilers to operate steam powered generators and produce hot water. The boilers together typically consume more than 30,000 liters of fuel per month.

"Our objectives are to be a good neighbor by reducing emissions of soot and carbon gases into the atmosphere and to simultaneously save money on fuel costs," said Ramesh Khendry, general manager for Novotel Lotus Hotel and the Regency Park Hotel in Bangkok. "We are accomplishing both with the Etorus FE fuel saving technology, and we have been very successful in reducing fuel consumption and limiting carbon released into the environment."

The Etorus FE is currently used throughout the world to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in a number of applications, including fleet trucks, buses, locomotives, generators, boilers, furnaces, marine vessels and heavy off-road construction and mining equipment.