You & your cat can help save the planet

Each year over 2 million tons of cat litter, or approximately 100,000 truckloads, ends up in landfills in the U. S. alone. Most of this litter is non-biodegradable or renewable and unnecessarily adds to the waste burden overtaxing our landfills.

There are approximately 40 million households with 70+ million cats in the U. S. and most of them “go” in a litter box. In 1994 (the last statistics available) the U.S. Bureau of Mines estimated that approximately 1.5 million metric tons of clay were mined to make absorbent cat litter. Much of the clay is strip mined raising concerns about the environmental impact of clay based absorbent cat litter. Most of the used litter ends up in the trash and eventually in our landfills. Some industry sources claim that cat litter accounts for more volume in landfills than disposable diapers.

A number of adverse impacts occur from landfill operations: pollution of the local environment; off-gassing of methane; harboring of disease vectors such as rats and flies; and simple nuisance problems. The need for waste disposal in landfills continues to grow along with the need to understand the actual health and environmental risks associated with waste disposal.

The solution to the pressing and growing environmental problem with landfills is here. The Smart Cat Box litter box uses all natural, non-absorbent safflower seed litter. Safflower seed is both bio-degradable and renewable minimizing the adverse impact to our landfills. Safflower seed litter lasts much longer than scoopable clay litter thus reducing the volume dumped into our landfills.

The patented Smart Cat Box with safflower seed litter is also more user friendly and healthier for cats and owners. The Smart Cat Box is easy to maintain, produces no dust, is relatively odor free, stays dry, is all-natural and is safe for you, your cat and the environment. As someone once said, “There is no idea or step to small if it helps to minimize the destruction of the planet”. Check out the Smart Cat Box at Thousands of your friends and neighbors have already done so and are doing their small part in order to help save the planet. You and your cat(s) and your planet will be glad you did.