Samui a world property hotspot

The expert overseas property company, David Stanley Redfern, has recently highlighted Samui as the second best worldwide location for a property investment after the Philippines. It stated that Samui now has more 5- and 6-star resort developments than any other Southeast Asian island, and the competition in the market is good for buyers because it’s forcing developers to find ways to make their developments stand out.

In a separate report the company has again promoted investments on Samui stating that people who bought on the island in recent years have made 100% profit on their investments and resort properties continue to grow by 20% a year.

Samui’s incredible growth is fuelled primarily by impressive tourism figures. As the number of people taking advantage of the island’s white sandy beaches, tropical climate and relaxed atmosphere increases by 20% per year, resort properties on Samui will continue to attract a great proportion of the visitors, and property prices continue to grow accordingly.

Renowned property agency Colliers International supports this opinion and states that foreign investors are expected to invest up to Bt70 billion in the Thai property sector this year, following the lifting of the Bank of Thailand’s 30% capital reserve requirement.