Multi-Generation Luxury Villa Vacation

There are plenty of reasons why one of Thailand’s stunning private villas provides the perfect holiday accommodation for extended families with a harmonious balance between time spent together and more private moments.

If you’re heading Thailand with your family, it’s advisable to seek out accommodation that will be as unforgettable as the gorgeous tropical surroundings and fortunately the Kingdom now boasts a wealth of top-notch private villas that offer the perfect space for large families to stay together.

Not only is it a lot simpler to stay in one villa rather than book several hotel rooms, it is also much more personal to rent a family holiday home and enjoy exclusive access to a host of facilities

Below are five reasons why a private villa is the ideal accommodation choice for multi-generational family holidays.

Privacy First

Thailand’s private villas offer something that a hotel never can – absolute privacy to relax and spend your holiday time however you wish to. Many of the top villas on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui come with their own private pools and plush sun loungers, so there’s no need to worry about getting to the pool early in order to claim the best loungers with your towel. There are also plenty of indoor living spaces to relax in if you feel like settling down with a good book without being disturbed by other guests.

Your Own Space

In addition to a range of exclusive facilities, another benefit that comes with renting one of Thailand’s commodious private villas is space. It’s not until you’ve stayed in a hotel with your parents, brothers, sisters and children that you fully appreciate the joy of having an expansive residence to spread out and relax in. Many villas come with their own pool and sun terrace, in addition to landscaped gardens. Stunning relaxation pavilions overlooking the ocean provide another beautiful space to indulge in a moment of tranquillity as do the choice of indoor lounging areas. Some villas even come with their own dedicated spa areas and mini cinemas with hi-tech surround sound systems.

Bedrooms Galore

Another glory of staying in a private villa is that this kind of property is set up precisely to cater for larger numbers of guests. There are plenty of bedrooms for family members to take their pick from, and they often feature their own private balcony spaces, ensuite bathrooms and even uninterrupted sea views. Some villas have special kids’ bedrooms set up with bunk beds, toys and mini play areas so little ones can let loose and have fun. Everyone has their own private space in the mornings and evenings, and because the majority of luxury villas feature one ensuite per bedroom, there’s never a wait for the shower.

Relaxed Family Dining

When you get home from a long day of sightseeing, the last thing you want to do is get showered, get your kids ready and then head back out again to a restaurant for dinner. One great thing about staying in a private villa is that you don’t have to. Many villas come with an in-house team that includes a professional Thai chef, so you can sit down with the family and enjoy a home-cooked meal whenever you choose. The villa chef can prepare a range of dishes to suit the whole family, from spicy Thai curries to tickle the taste buds, to milder meals for little ones.

Family Fun

Last but not least, Thailand’s best private villas come with a choice of entertainment opportunities. For a little bit of active fun, there are pools for splashing around and playing games in with little ones. There’s also plenty of garden space for adults that want to stretch their legs with a stroll or children kicking a ball about or exploring. Some of the larger villas even have their own tennis courts for guests that really want to get a sweat on. Villas with beach access may also have access to their own kayaks and snorkelling equipment for ocean exploration. Inside, many villas also come with their own dedicated entertainment spaces to watch movies, and some even have a pre-loaded hard drive with plenty of films and TV series.