Malaysia Shopping

Big designer brands being sold in large shopping malls

Malaysia offers a myriad of opportunities to shop with big designer brands being sold in large shopping malls just a few streets away from bustling markets selling local goods such as foods, clothing and home ware. Kuala Lumpur is the country's economic hub and the visitors can browse in ultra modern shopping complexes or hunt for antiques in the busy streets of China town.

Penang was once a duty free island and drew a multitude of people from all over the globe. Drawing from its heritage as one of the trading centres of Asia, shopping in Penang is still a journey into the countries that have defined this part of the world, China, Malaya, India and more. The duty free status has since gone to Langkawi and that island is now a regional hub for duty free goods, offering both local and international products. In the town of Kuah, visitors will find everything they need from malls and stores providing the best prices of duty free goods.




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