Malaysia Children

In Penang, kids can visit the famous bird park and wander round the toy museum

Travelling to Malaysia with children is easy. There are plenty of attractions that appeal to younger visitors, especially in places like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, which offer a mixture of culture, shopping and fun. Dedicated theme parks like Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and Desa Water Park feature a range of water based adventures including wave pools, swimming holes, giant waterfalls and water slides. They also offer a choice of rides like the popular Thunderbolt, a thrilling uphill water coast ride, or the Supertube, where kids sit in an inner tube and shoot through loops at high speed. For nature based adventures, a visit the Batu Caves includes feeding wild monkeys, while a boat trip along the Selangor River to watch fireflies lighting up the mangrove trees is a memorable experience for the whole family.

In Penang, kids can visit the famous bird park and wander round the toy museum. For an up-close nature experience, the Snake Temple is s definite thrill for children of all ages, while the Penang Butterfly Farm features more than 4,000 butterflies from over 120 species groups, plus some other fascinating insects and reptiles. The children will also enjoy a ride on a trishaw through Penang, a great way to see the city. You can also take them on the funicular tram up to the top of Penang Hill for some wonderful panoramas. Penang's tropical fruit farm is the perfect place for kids to try some new tropical tastes and more adventurous young travellers will also enjoy trying the city's famed street cuisine. Elsewhere in Malaysia, the old part of Malacca feels like a toy town thanks to its brightly painted buildings and churches, you can also take the kids to see Mini Malaysia and Mini Asia to get a feel for traditional local life. In Kota Kinabalu, families can explore nature together, taking a tour on the Klias River to see the diverse wildlife on its banks. The KK aquarium is also home to insects, snakes and a range of marine life, with displays aimed at giving children an environmental education. When they have had their fill of natural attractions, Borneo is a vast shopping mall cinemas, bowling alley and amusement park.




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