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Lombok at Dawn reconnect with your spiritual side

With a tourism infrastructure that is significantly less developed than the one on neighbouring Bali, Lombok’s health and wellness sector retains a natural, authentic edge. The majority of spas on the enchanting island are situated within hotels, but in recent years there has been a movement to develop specialist spas and retreats outside the main resorts. As such, visitors can enjoy the typical range of massages, body scrubs and facials at one of the smaller spas scattered across the island, or even on the beach with one of the friendly and popular “mobile masseuses”.

Bali has become known as one of Southeast Asia’s yoga and meditation hotspots in the past decade, and Lombok trails behind in comparison. However, substantially fewer visitor numbers to the island means Lombok and its Gili Islands are home to a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, which makes them great destinations for individuals looking to reconnect with their spiritual side.


Pamper Yourself

Lombok foot massage

Most of the smaller spas peppered across Lombok and the Gili Islands focus on basic treatments, rather than offering a range of extravagant packages. However, visitors in the mood for something a little out of the ordinary do not have to search too hard to find something to satisfy their needs. As well as offering a range of aromatherapy massages, the Anggrek Spa in Senggigi also offers a traditional Javanese body scrub, with a variety of baths including Susu (milk), Bunga (flower), Rempah (herbal) and Garam (salt) for visitors who really want to immerse themselves in local indulgence.


Herbal bath

Herbal Bath on Lombok

Alternatively, the Devata Spa in Magsit is one of Lombok’s most luxurious. Split into two sections, visitors looking for a range of typical massages should head to Devata’s Beach Spa. The resort’s other spa also boasts a number of private therapy rooms, where guests can indulge in body scrubs, facials, cream baths, manicures and pedicures. Those in the mood for a day of pampering often opt for the Senggigi Royal Package, which includes a full body aromatherapy massage, a body scrub, facial, cream bath and herbal bath.


Yoga Haven

Enjoy Beach Yoga on Lombok

The stunning natural beauty of the Gili Islands tempts many visitors away from the mainland of Lombok, and travellers in search of a holistic experience as opposed to a party should head to Gili Trawangan. The island’s Gili Yoga Retreat is not only perfect for beginners who want to start their day with a little yoga on the beach, but also caters to more experienced practitioners who are ready to stretch their bodies to the next level. Gili Yoga’s team of professional instructors are there to offer guests modification and adjustment of poses so each practitioner finds the right alignment to suit their own body. Each of Gili Yoga’s classes operates on a drop-in basis, and visitors can take part in Hatha (creating strength, balance and bliss), Shadow (a moving meditation inspired by yoga, martial arts and dance) and Vinyasa (unifying breath and movement) yoga sessions. Visitors who want to explore the deeper spirituality of yoga can also organise private classes for small groups.


Lombok surfing

Lombok Surfing

Many visitors flock to Lombok for the excellent surfing off the island’s coast. A growing number of surfers are now seeking to improve their performance on the waves by implementing a yoga routine alongside their surfing programme. Lombok’s Surf Camp, situated in the southern village of Gerupuk, offers yoga classes specifically designed for surfers to relax the body and mind, and stretch the muscles after a day of surfing. The yoga classes at the Surf Camp are suitable for all levels, so no prior yoga experience is necessary.


Delicious detox

Detox on Lombok, fresh coconut juice

There are few established detox retreats on the island of Lombok, so visitors in need of a structured programme to keep on the detox track are probably better off on Bali. However, with the abundance of delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables on the island, it is easy for visitors to design their own juice detox programmes when they feel the need to cleanse. Most restaurants offer a range of fresh fruit shakes, including coconut and watermelon, which often feature heavily on the menus of juice detox programmes. In addition, the yoga and meditation retreats around Lombok and the Gili Islands offer a wholesome range of healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes, so it is easy for visitors to avoid the toxins they would consume as part of an everyday diet.


Tugu hotel

Hotel on Lombok Tugu

Lombok’s Tugu Hotel does have its own detox programme, specially designed for weight loss. Tugu’s Lifestyle and Health Retreat aims to provide guests with a comfortable, relaxing place to stay while they learn about and establish healthy habits that lead to successful weight management. The retreat incorporates dietary, exercise and other holistic elements, and includes four hours of instructor-led activity per day, daily education sessions, pre and post assessments and a retreat workbook.


Magical meditation

Mediation on the beach at Lombok

Lombok’s tropical climate, cool sea breezes and relaxing atmosphere makes it an ideal place for travellers to get back into balance with nature and make some healthy resolutions for the future – one of the best ways to do this is through meditation. The island’s Puri Mas resort offers meditation and yoga workshops in the tranquil setting of its frangipani and herb gardens. In addition to the more conventional form of meditation, the Puri Mas resort also advocates other forms, including dance, which is said to improve self-confidence, body balance and body awareness. Getting lost in the rhythm of the music is also said to be a great way to allow the tension of the day to melt away, and the resort offers classes in Ballroom, Latin and Salsa dance in private classes.


Gili Air

Yoga and Meditation Centre on Gili Air

The H20 Yoga and Meditation Centre on Gili Air is another of Lombok’s popular spots for visitors in search of some inner peace. As well as offering daily yoga classes, the centre is home to a comfortable Zen Lounge where guests can immerse themselves in one of the retreat’s therapeutic treatments. H20 offers a True Yoga and Meditation Retreat every month, and other healing treatments like Reiki are also available.




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