Living the Private Villa View

The best holiday rental villas on Phuket and Koh Samui have been carefully designed to make the most of the sublime tropical surroundings, encouraging guests to take full advantage of their free-flowing private spaces.

For most upscale travellers, a holiday on one of Thailand’s most famous islands offers the perfect opportunity to escape the fast-paced, time hungry world and rediscover the calming wonders of nature’s rhythm – without the need for ‘back to basics’ living.

Whether you’re escaping the cold of winter, the noise of a big city, or the stress a busy working life; renting a private villa in Thailand where constant views of the cyanic ocean are framed in beige and emerald hues definitely calms the spirit.

Fortunately, most architects and interior designers of contemporary tropical homes understand that residents and guests need to feel a connection with their surroundings. That’s why the top holiday properties on offer in Southern Thailand benefit from soothing décor with living spaces that offer wide balconies and terraces and doors that fold open onto stunning views and soft sea breezes.

Choosing a villa that gently blends the indoor and outdoor environment allows you to truly embrace an island lifestyle. And depending on your relaxation preferences, there are numerous ways to make sure the idyllic surroundings play a major role in your experience of a blissful island escape.

Stepping Out

Many of the best villas in Thailand come with their own fully equipped private gym, most of which open directly onto sea views with tall windows to draw in the tropical breezes. Other popular ways for active guests to fill their lungs with healthy island air include holding yoga or meditation sessions on the villa’s pool terrace or in the beachside sala, swimming morning laps in the private pool, or taking a daily walk or jog along the nearest beach. Professional instructors can also be hired to help you stick to your fitness goals and health routines.

Shaded Siestas

There’s nothing quite like drifting off to sleep to the sound of waves gently lapping a sandy shore or palm fronds tinkling in the ocean breeze. That’s why most private villas are surrounded by tropical landscaped gardens with plenty of shade to complement the sun-baked pool or beach. A comfortable hammock is the ultimate spot for a daytime snooze, but a comfortable, shaded and cushioned sun lounger does the job just as well. The only drawback is waking up feeling woozy having drifted into one of the deepest, most restful sleeps you can remember.

Sundowner Rituals

Sunset is always a magical time on a tropical island. The natural spectacle of sea and sky is never the same from one day to the next, which means multiple photo sessions are hard to resist. When you enjoy the daily show from the comfort and privacy of your own pool terrace or balcony with the added pleasure of your cocktail of choice prepared by the villa staff, the experience is all the more memorable – even without a selfie.

Dining Out at Home

When you rent a private holiday villa on Phuket or Koh Samui you can enjoy every meal al fresco with tables set outside so that family and friends can enjoy delicious meals overlooking splendid sea views of under the starlit sky. Adventurous (or hopelessly romantic) guests can even ask for a table to be placed right on the sand in front of their villa so that delicious dishes can be served from the villa’s kitchen and enjoyed just steps from the rolling ocean.

Bathing in Nature

A popular addition to the appealing facilities offered to guests at many private holiday villas on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui are outdoor bathing options. There’s something extra indulgent about soaking up the surroundings as you soak, or taking in the views while you shower, especially when the fixtures, fittings and bathroom amenities are top of the range.

Star Gazing

One of the joys of exclusive access to your own private swimming pool is that there are no set schedules imposed when it comes to swimming and splashing about. Nighttime dips in the pool offer a rare and special pleasure, especially on a tropical island when the sky is often filled with a blanket of stars. Just make sure you turn off all the villa’s ambient lighting for the best inter-galactic views.