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If children get bored of the seaside escapades, however, there's a host of activities to keep them and the parents amused

Beaches are undoubtedly the main attraction for visitors to Langkawi, regardless of their age. If children get bored of the seaside escapades, however, there's a host of activities to keep them and the parents amused. One of the island's most popular tourist attractions is the huge crocodile farm at Datai Bay, which is home to an incredible 1,000 species of crocodiles and alligators, all carefully housed to ensure that adults and kids enjoy a safe, up close experience with these powerful beasts. An exhibition centre offers educational displays on the crocodile's physiology, diet and impressive hunting skills, while daily shows also allow visitors to see the massive reptiles devour their prey. Another animal based attraction is Underwater World, which boasts more than 5,000 tropical fish and plenty of other fascinating marine life. The aquarium is one of the largest in Asia, occupying some six hectares of beachfront land in Pantai Cenang. Around 100 tanks and a spectacular Plexiglas tunnel means visitors can enter the spectacular realm of sharks, manta rays turtles without even getting wet.

For more earthly pursuits, Langkawi's Mat Cincang mountain range is known for its excellent hiking trails, while the island's nature parks are also a great choice for family outings. On the slopes of Gunung Mat Cincang mountain, a waterfall cascades 90 metres into a series of beautiful natural pools, creating a natural fairyland that will enchant young and old alike. More mysterious and intriguing the island's collection of ancient graves, located in the Bamboo Forest. The tombs feature intricate sculptures and engravings that archaeologists have attributed to the Achinese tribes of northern Sumatra. For those that want to teach their children more about the island's history and culture, the impressive Culture Village at Teluk Yu contains four museums with eye catching displays of traditional Malaysian handicrafts, regular demonstrations of ancient weaving methods and a chance to see the fine fabrics and colourful designs that are still produced by local people today.




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