Charter on sustainable and responsible tourism and travel


The principle

As part of our effort to combat climate change, Samui Villas & Homes has implemented a voluntary CO2 offset program inviting our villa guests, villa owners and employees to participate.

This program is meant to encourage all parties to voluntarily compensate their impact (by flying, use of ground transportation and use of electricity) on the natural environment by offsetting the amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) created, into projects which aim at reducing the equivalent amount of CO2.


Carbon Reducing Projects

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has launched a major worldwide tree planting campaign. Under the Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, people, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments are encouraged to join with the global objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide each year to combat the rapid development of deforestation.
According to UNEP, the loss of natural forests around the world contributes more to global emissions each year than the transport sector. Curbing deforestation is said to be a highly cost-effective way to reduce emissions.
As we believe this is a worthy cause, our Group of Companies has pledged to use the offset to plant trees in accordance with ‘Plant for the Planet’.


Carbon Footprint and Offsetting

We have started to trace and document SVH-PVH’s carbon footprint for its business:

Flight information for all employees going on business trips
Car mileage for all employees
Electricity information for all villas and offices is now being collected in order to measure our carbon emissions.

For our villa guests: “Offset Your Travel & Stay:

Our villa guests can choose to offset either of, or both actions below:

1. Offset your flights to Thailand and Samui
2. Offset your stay

Should our guests decide to help and make a difference, they will be issued a certificate stating that their carbon offset will support a UNEP acknowledged Tree Planting Agency in their effort to plant more trees. Their name will be also be added to our list of supporters on our web site if they choose so.


Community Projects:

SVH-PVH Group of Companies will also continue to support community projects and events on an ad hoc basis. We will use money from our recycling to fund such projects.


Education and Information:

We will continue to provide general information (via brochures and website) on issues such as: