Indonesia Shopping

When it comes to shopping, Indonesia has it all. The vast archipelago offers everything from furniture, fashion, antiques, art or jewellery on sale in mega air conditioned shopping malls or from local markets. The country's many islands are renowned for producing beautifully crafted goods, many of which can be bought straight from the craftsman.

Bali is particularly known for its home grown fashion brands with a number of designers now globally know for their quality clothes and jewellery. In Seminyak, the island's upscale tourist area, sophisticated boutiques line the small streets offering some truly unique pieces.

Java is the political and economic centre of Indonesia and home to its capital Jakarta. In Jakarta visitors will find an eclectic mix of unique handicrafts to mass produced high street chains to haute couture creations. The malls are mainly located in downtown Jakarta while the city's old neighbourhoods to the south is full of smaller shops selling fabrics and jewellery The areas around Chinatown or the Managa Dua Mall are popular for electronic buys and sellers often sell the latest goods at discounted prices while providing guarantees.




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