Indonesia Nightlife

luxury hotel lounges, pubs and nightclubs open until dawn

From romantic beachside meals and relaxed evenings in sophisticated luxury hotel lounges to live music in pubs and nightclubs that stay open until dawn, Indonesia's cities and tourist destinations offer a vast range of appealing options for holiday diversion. Top flight DJs play the latest global hits with local and global branded drinks widely available to fuel the party atmosphere. Well known bars like the Hard Rock Cafe also have branches in places like Jakarta and Kuta beach on Bali, and live bands attract large crowds of local and foreign fans throughout the year. For many visitors, Jakarta is something of a paradox. Although it is the capital of the world’s largest Muslim country, the city is also known throughout the region for its vibrant nightlife and offers revellers upscale fashion bars, rough and ready nightclubs, sports pubs and karaoke. Bali boasts even more choices, with more recent additions brining a distinctly fashionable feel to the country's most popular beaches.

Beyond the main tourist centres, more sedate options for nightlife and entertainment around Indonesia often involve traditional music and dance performances based on famous legends and religious stories. The most popular dances are the Legong, which is graceful dance depicting heavenly beings, as well as the Baris, a more dramatic, warrior-style dance, and the Jauk, an engaging one man show performed by a masked, costumed demon. In most of Indonesia's resort areas, particularly in Bali, dance shows are regular events and generally accompanied by the country's distinctive Gamelan Orchestras. Virtually every month of the year, local festivals offer a unique form of entertainment that tourists are welcome to take part in with street parades and village gatherings lasting late until the night. Indonesian puppet shows are known throughout for the world as a unique cultural spectacles and can be enjoyed in a number of locations around the country and often performed during a dinner of delicious local cuisine.




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