Embracing the tropical island lifestyle

Guests staying at one of Thailand’s luxury villas can easily immerse themselves in the exotic setting without sacrificing on comfort

The grounds at Phang Nga’s Ananda Villa, part of the Jivana Villas estate, are peppered with swaying palms

Many of the visitors that touch down in Thailand each year arrive in search of balmy temperatures, glorious beaches and magnificent natural scenery. While the Kingdom is home to an array of chic urban hotspots, many of the country’s most sought-after locations are those where nature dominates and tropical flourishes abound. While island getaways like Koh Samui and Phuket both come with their own extremely well-developed tourist infrastructures, you never have to travel too far to stumble across a remote tropical hideaway, surrounded by swaying palm trees and soft sandy beaches.

Guests staying at one of the luxury villas in Samui or Phuket don’t even need to leave the house to indulge in their own taste of the tropics. That’s because each of these properties has been specifically designed to make the most of its spectacular surroundings.

We take a closer look at the various design elements and flourishes throughout Thailand’s private villas that make it impossible for guests to forget they’re on holiday in a tropical destination.

Outdoor experiences

The gorgeous grounds at Ananda Villa in Phang Nga are peppered with towering palms

One of the highlights of choosing a holiday in a tropical location like Thailand is that you have the chance to make the most of the great outdoors. If you’re staying in a private villa, you can spend the day by the pool or dining on the terrace – but the al fresco experiences doesn’t have to end there.

Many of exquisitely designed bathing zones found in many of Thailand’s private villas are actually situated outdoors. Features such as stone outdoor tubs and rainfall showers can be found in a number of these opulent properties, so guests can make the most of the gorgeous weather and tropical surroundings at all times. Some of the villas’ bathrooms even feature glazed roofs, so you can glimpse palm trees and blue skies overhead when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. 

The bathroom areas at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee are the perfect example. Sunken bathtubs are positioned next to stone feature walls for guests that want to take a long, hot soak beneath the stars. Likewise, each of the bedrooms at Phang Nga’s Villa Jia comes with its own ensuite bathroom and private garden. Two of the sleeping zones also come with their own outdoor black granite bathtubs.

Indoor outdoor connection

One of the luxurious bedroom suites at Koh Samui’s Baan Asan features its own private balcony

In many of Thailand’s most luxurious villas, the seamless connection between indoors and out ensures that guests can never forget the idyllic tropical surroundings. The strong sense of connection with the outdoors begins right from the moment guests wake up in the morning, as many bedrooms lead out onto beautifully landscaped outdoor areas. The sleeping zones in some properties lead out into communal garden areas, while the master suites at others come with private outdoor terraces – perfect for sunset cocktails or breakfast al fresco.

Careful thought has been put into the design of the outdoor areas at Thailand’s private villas, so that there’s an array of different spaces for guests to enjoy. In many cases, lush green lawns form the central feature, with hidden nooks and crannies leading to lush tropical gardens with water features and striking stone sculptures. An abundance of colourful flora and fauna enhances the tropical effect.

Tropical blooms

The rooms at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee feature tropical flora and fauna that have been carefully arranged by staff

In addition to the glorious landscaped gardens that envelope many of Koh Samui and Phuket’s finest private villas, guests can often enjoy the delicious aroma of tropical flowers indoors too. Thanks to the care and attention of the staff that handle the maintenance side of things at each of Thailand’s luxury villas, fresh tropical blooms are a common feature throughout the interiors.

Not only do the plethora of beautifully-arranged vases add to the visual appeal of the interior space, but they add to the sense of Thainess, too. Traditional Thai flowers such as orchids are a common feature, forming a colourful, elegant reminder of the tropical location just on the other side of the property’s walls.

Room with a view

The floor to ceiling glazing in many of Villa Aqua’s rooms frames views of the Andaman Sea

Many of Thailand’s finest luxury villas benefit from their stunning positions overlooking the ocean. Many properties, particularly in Koh Samui, also feature direct access to the local beach. For guests that have come on holiday in search of the ultimate exotic island retreat, what better backdrop could there be than gleaming, ocean vistas?

That’s why in many of Thailand’s luxury rentals, large swathes of glazing have been incorporated so guests can enjoy the outlook at all times. Some rooms also take in views of the emerald gardens, too, so guests can gaze out at the swaying palm trees as they drink their morning coffee in bed. In many cases, the glazed screens can even be drawn back to truly blur the line between the stylish interiors and the splendid, tropical exterior.

Traditional Thai features

Silk throws, eye-catching ornaments and rich natural materials infuse the décor at Baan Lom Talay with a sense of traditional Thainess

Of course, the sublime natural attractions of Thailand’s private villas offer up a feast for the eyes. Traditional Thai design and decorative flourish work hand-in-hand with the natural highlights to enhance the tropical setting. Many of the lavish villas across Koh Samui and Phuket feature a Thai décor theme, complete with original pieces of artwork, antique furniture and vividly-coloured silk hangings. Many of the properties are designed in the traditional Ayutthaya style of architecture. Vaulted ceilings, rich teak flooring and the careful placement of traditional sculptures are a common feature.