Design inspirations at a private villa

Searching for ideas for your next home improvement project? A luxury private villa in Thailand is the perfect place to pick up some architectural inspiration.

The interiors at Phuket’s Villa Minh ooze contemporary style

Ocean views, lush tropical gardens and nearby powder sand beaches are just a few of the elements that combine to make Thailand’s luxury villas so special, but it’s not just the sublime natural scenery that makes these properties shine. Plenty of the Kingdom’s finest sun-soaked boltholes feature a range of spectacular architectural features, many of which have been skilfully incorporated by designers so that residents and their guests can make the most of the stunning natural setting.

In addition to a broad range of traditional Thai-style properties, a growing number of Thailand’s villas also feature sleek, contemporary designs and interiors. In fact, a stay in one of these lavish properties could provide the perfect source of inspiration if you’re on the lookout for ideas to incorporate into your next renovation project back home. We take a look some of the smartest design ideas applied by professional architects and interior designers in some of the best villas in Thailand.

Open-plan living

The open-plan kitchen-dining-living area at Phuket’s stylish Villa Yang facilitates enjoyable, shared moments amongst guests.

Spacious, open-plan layouts are a common feature in many of Thailand’s luxurious private villas. As well as providing a capacious communal zone for multiple guests to enjoy, an open-plan layout encourages a fresh feeling of breeziness throughout the property, which is a definite advantage in the balmy, tropical conditions.

For families in particular, an open-plan space has many benefits. For example, mum and dad could be taking part in a cooking lesson with the villa’s professional chef in the kitchen area, while the kids are watching a movie or playing with their toys in the lounge area.

The colourful open-plan living area at Phuket’s Villa Yang is perfect for occupants keen to spend share their holiday time in comfort. Striking pieces of contemporary furniture help to demarcate each of the different zones, with unique pieces of artwork adding colour and personality to the spaces.

Light and bright

The interior spaces at Phuket’s Villa Tian are flooded with natural light.

Natural illumination is an essential element that pretty much every professional designer will position at the heart of his or her design scheme. Not only does natural brightness engender a sense of wellbeing amongst residents, it also helps to create an attractive, inviting space where you want to spend time.

Of course, there’s plenty of sunshine in Thailand – the key is to make sure that the rays are channelled through to indoor areas as much as possible. The clever placement of glazing is the key to getting this right, and designers will use a range of fenestration solutions to establish an interior space that’s bathed in sunshine. Roof lights, glass doors and even architectural glazing are all features that can be seen throughout Thailand’s private villas.

The sun-soaked interiors at Phuket’s Villa Tian provide a perfect example of naturally lit spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glazing bathes the open-plan interiors with natural illumination. The villa’s crisp white walls reflect all that light, helping the space to seem even brighter.

Capacious comfort

The stunning double-height ceiling at Villa Tian allows for a wall of glazing that runs right to the top of the building’s apex.

When it comes to creating a sense of grandeur, Thailand’s professional designers have it down to a tee. One of the many features that helps to establish this awe-inspiring style is the lofty, double-height ceilings throughout many of Thailand’s villas. First of all, extra height helps create a greater sense of spaciousness – which is exactly what you want when you’re staying in an exclusive holiday property. The extra headroom also opens up space to incorporate striking pieces of furniture, such as statement four-poster beds, and large pieces of artwork.

Some of Phuket’s top luxury holiday properties, including Villa Tian at Cape Yamu, even feature stunning vaulted ceilings. As well as enhancing the sense of space, the vaulted ceiling has also allowed stunning architectural glazing to be incorporated into the design that invites the spectacular ocean views inside, for occupants to enjoy at all times. In other private villas, double-height zones also allow space for features such as mezzanine levels and galleries – perfect for sophisticated social time.

Material matters

The extensive use of natural materials at Phuket’s Villa Minh helps enhance the sense of natural luxury.

When it comes to picking out a high-quality palette of materials that oozes elegance and style, luxury architects and interior designers are experts. Many of the Thailand’s finest rental properties feature an array of striking surfaces, with the wealth of alluring textures adding to the overall appeal of each space. Natural materials often work well in tandem, with coarse stone surfaces forming a wonderful contrast with shiny, honey-coloured varnished wood that’s traditional in Thailand.

When it comes to areas to look out for, the kitchen and bathroom often feature a selection of alluring materials. Smooth stone worktops, for example, create a chic, contemporary vibe, while coarse stone wall tiles in the bathroom add to tropical flair. The gorgeous use of high-quality wood and stone throughout Phuket’s Villa Minh, for instance, help infuse the property with a sense of organic luxury.