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What to wear on the plane

TRAVEL TIPS   |     4 Jan 2018   |   0  |  
Follow our top tips if you want to strike the balance between comfort and style on your flight to a private holiday in Southeast Asia

Stay comfortable and look  stylish throughout your flight

When it comes to packing your holiday wardrobe, picking out an outfit to wear on the plane is often a challenge. Whether you’re travelling on a six-hour flight or a twelve-hour flight to reach your holiday destination, comfort is a top priority. After all, you don’t want to touch down feeling unrested and after a long-haul flight without a wink of sleep. However, it’s also unlikely that you’ll want to don your favourite jogging bottoms and hoodie, which would mean looking less attractive than your usual elegant self.

Follow our simple advice on styling your travel ensembles to ensure you select an outfit that is comfortable enough for you to get some sleep, smart enough to win you an upgrade (if you’re lucky) and stylish enough so you arrive in Thailand looking fabulous.

Here are some top tips to help you achieve all these travel outfit goals.

Be flexible

Layers allow you stay warm on the plane and cool when you arrive in tropical Thailand

Air travel – particularly if you’re taking a long-haul flight – often involves passing through an extreme array of micro-climates. From the chilly temperatures in your home country and the air-conditioned aeroplane cabin, to the balmy heat of Thailand, you’re going to experience a variety of different conditions. Our top tip for fighting discomfort on your journey is to wear lots of layers – that way you can adapt your outfit depending on how you feel at that moment.

Of course, by layers, we don’t mean hats, scarves, gloves and enormous coats. For the ladies, wraps, pashminas, shawls, cardigans, blouses and vests can all help you to feel warm and cosy – but can also be removed the moment you start over-heating. For gentlemen, T-shirts, light cotton jackets, vests and shirts can all form part of your layered look, and can even be worn beneath a smarter tailored jacket that’s more substantial in thickness.

If layering is part of your travel outfit strategy, it can be handy to pack a cotton bag in your hand luggage as a place for storing all the items you take off on arrival. When you reach your private villa the bag of clothing can then be sent straight to the laundry without any fuss.

Fabric matters

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen will help your skin to breathe

When you’re travelling to a country known for high temperatures pretty much all year round, your choice of fabric is important. However, selecting attire made from breathable materials will also help you stay comfortable during your flight to the Kingdom. For starters, fabrics like cotton and linen often feel softer and lighter against the skin than polyester and denim. This means you’ll be able to get comfortable a lot more quickly if you’re wearing a chic linen outfit than tight-fitting denim jeans that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Plus, fabrics that don’t allow air to circulate will hold sweat on the skin – which means you could end up getting pretty uncomfortable if you have to dash through an airport to make your connecting flight to Thailand. In addition, loose, natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk will also help you to maintain an air of effortless chic for the duration of your flight, so you arrive both looking and feeling refreshed.

Health consciousness

Compression socks will promote blood flow in your legs, minimising the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis

If you travel on lots of long-haul flights, then you might already be well-acquainted with the numerous benefits of wearing compression socks. Okay, they’re not the most stylish of items. However, they do promote blood circulation and help prevent the swelling of the legs on long haul flights, reducing the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). They work by exerting pressure on the leg muscles by gently squeezing your legs, thus increasing blood flow.

Compression socks are recommended for pregnant women and for any travellers with pre-existing medical conditions. While you may not fall into any of these categories, it’s important to bear in mind that anyone travelling on a long-haul flight puts themselves at a greater risk of developing DVT. If you’re going to be stuck in a cramped position for hours at a time, it’s also worth avoiding tight and restrictive garments that might restrict blood flow through your veins – so leave the skinny jeans at home!

Don’t forget style

The right jacket and sunglasses can instantly transform a comfortable outfit into an elegant one

All of the advice so far has focussed on ensuring you remain comfortable for the duration of your journey, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw fashion out of the window completely. As well as wanting to look good when they touch down, a passenger that exudes style and elegance is much more likely to get upgraded to first class when they board the plane.

For ladies, floaty fashion-forward dresses; striking A-line skirts or cotton tailored trousers can strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Of course, you’ll want to pack a pair of plain leggings in your hand luggage as well, to ensure your legs don’t get chilly during the flight. Donning a sleek, long-length blazer will also add an instant injection of class into your travel outfit. Packing a pashmina or scarf to throw on is also a good idea. This can be used as a blanket for when you get chilly, or even as a cover-up for any accidental spills you might have en-route.

For the guys, a tailored jacket is a must. This can easily be taken off you get too hot, but for the moment you board the plane it will give you an instant style boost. To find that balance between comfort and looking good, switch jeans for chinos or linen-based trousers. When you arrive at your destination, popping on a classic pair of wayfarers or aviators will give your whole look an instantaneous style update.

Stylish hold-all

A classic leather hold-all is an excellent choice for stylish guys’ hand luggage


When it comes to nailing in-flight style, selecting the perfect hand luggage bag is essential. For guys, we love a classic leather cabin bag that has the space to fit in all your essentials. This overnight-style bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder, which is useful for moments when you want to be hands-free. Leather is also a hardwearing material that won’t show up all the bumps and scrapes that might occur throughout your journey. The best part is, classic items like these never go out of style.


Staying stylish on your flight to Thailand is about more than just clothing. We’ve provided a few extra tips on how to travel elegantly.

  • Pack a change of clothes in your hand-luggage if you’re going on a long-haul journey. Having a fresh outfit to change into once you reach your destination will give you an instant, refreshing boost. It could also come in handy if your airline misplaces your hold luggage.
  • Ladies should remove their makeup as soon as they board a long-haul flight to avoid a bleary, smudged look after napping. A face free of makeup will also allow you to apply facial moisturiser throughout the flight so your skin stays hydrated.
  • Slip-on shoes can be a godsend for when you want to curl up and go to sleep in your seat. Plus, they’re easy to take on and off when you’re going through security at the airport.