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Watersports adventures from a private villa

VILLA LIFESTYLE   |     7 Dec 2017   |   0  |  
Whether you fancy a laid-back day trip snorkelling at an offshore reef or an exhilarating afternoon zipping across the bay on a jet ski, renting a luxury private villa on an island in Thailand provides the perfect base for you to try out a few thrilling water sports.


Guests staying at Baan Hinta can make use of an array of watersports equipment

Home to sublime seas, plus miles of scenic coastline, Thailand is the ideal spot to indulge in an exhilarating holiday filled with water sports adventures. The great thing about ocean activities is that there’s something for everyone – whether you’re keen to explore the underwater world while snorkelling or diving, or would rather satisfy your need for speed with an afternoon of wake boarding or jet skiing.

A private villa on Koh Samui or Phuket provides an ideal base for those keen to try out a selection of new water sports whilst on holiday in Thailand – particularly if the property you’re staying in benefits from an exclusive beachfront location. Your villa manager will be able to suggest an array of activities that are especially popular in your part of the island, and will even be able to rent out all the necessary equipment on your behalf. Some villas even come with their own impressive range of equipment – from sea kayaks to stand-up paddle boards.

We take a closer look at some of the best ocean activities to try out while you’re on holiday.

Find your balance

Baan Hinta is the ideal base for those that want to try paddle boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding has soared to popularity in many tropical destinations over the last few years, and nowhere more so than Thailand. This activity essentially combines kayaking and body boarding, where you have to stand up on a long board and hold your balance for long enough to paddle out to see. This is a great option for those in search of a more laid-back water sport, and paddling out to sea can give you a fantastic view of the coastline when you turn around to gaze back at the shore.

Many villas – especially those on Koh Samui – have their own paddle boarding equipment, so guests don’t need to worry about renting the gear out or heading to a local paddle boarding school to have a go.

Baan Hinta is one such property. Situated on the gorgeous east coast of Samui, just north of Lamai beach, it is one of the best villas on the whole island for water sports fans. Guests can simply grab a paddleboard, take a stroll down to the ocean and explore the coast.

Eco-friendly exploration

Koh Samui’s stunning Baan Sairee comes with its own sea kayaks

If you’re keen to explore the seas without having to rely on your balancing skills, kayaking is a great option. Paddling up and down the coast can provide a great form of light exercise, too, without being too physically challenging. It’s an eco-friendly mode of exploration, so you can get up close to the coastline and explore hidden coves and glorious stretches of sand without disturbing the local eco-systems. If this doesn’t have you sold, then it’s worth knowing that sea kayaking is a great activity for kids, too. It allows them the freedom to explore a little further than they would be able to by swimming, opening up marvellous opportunities for adventure – with plenty of fantastic photo opps thrown in.

Many luxury Thai rental villas come with their own sea kayaks for guests to use whenever they like. Koh Samui’s exquisite Baan Sairee is one such rental property. Set on the picturesque southern coast of Samui close to the beautiful Laem Set beach, guests staying at this villa often remember a morning spent kayaking as one of their most memorable moments

Under the sea

Snorkelling is a fabulous way to discover stunning underwater attractions

Thailand’s marine landscape is home to a fascinating array of species, with everything from graceful whale sharks to green turtles – not to mention the vivid array of corals that provide a habitat for a plethora of intriguing creatures. For travellers who haven’t earned their PADI dive certificates, snorkelling can provide a wonderful opportunity to discover the incredible world beneath the waves, for adults and kids alike. It’s possible to rent out snorkelling equipment at many of Thailand’s private villas. For example, Baan Hinta offers guests the chance to hire its state-of-the-art powerdive snorkelling gear.

Of course, you don’t even need a snorkel to make the most of Thailand’s oceans. Guests staying in beachfront properties can simply stroll down to the waterfront for regular dips. In fact, a bracing 30-minute swim in the sublime warm waters of the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand can be the perfect way to kickstart the day.

Power cruising

Guests staying at Baan Chang can zoom up and down the coast in a speedboat.


For travellers keen to get their adrenaline pumping, there are plenty of fast and furious water sports options in Thailand. Renting out a speedboat is popular with those who want to explore wider stretches of coastline, and zooming to different parts of an island provides a wonderful opportunity to discover hidden bays and sublime coves. Guests staying at Baan Chang, for example, can charter a speedboat to explore the island, which offers up plenty of fun for the whole family. You can stop at a deserted beach and enjoy a seafood lunch before heading back to your private villa.

There are plenty of other exhilarating options on offer. For example, those staying at Baan Hinta can rent out wake boarding equipment and a boat then head out onto the waves just metres from the villa. They can also hire out jet skis, Seabob water jets, and wind surfing equipment, all through the private villa.

Pool Pursuits

Some villas come with a collection of pool toys to keep guests entertained


For those that prefer to stay within their own private space, there are plenty of options to have fun and splash around in the water. The accessories offered with the private pools at Thailand’s luxury private villas include airbeds, floating trays and collections of fun pool toys to keep everyone entertained. Properties like Baan Kilee come with swim-up bars and pull-down projector screens so guests can watch movies without even having to leave the cool comfort of the pool.


If you’re heading for a day out on the speedboat don’t forget to pack the following:

  • Sun cream. Although the sea breeze will feel ultra-refreshing and work wonders to keep you cool, the sun is still beaming down on you.
  • A few bottles of water are essential to avoid dehydrating while you’re out and about.
  • If you’ve planned a romantic day of exploring with your loved one, why not dial up the romance by asking your villa’s professional chef to pack a delicious picnic to take with you? That way, when you find a secluded cove overlooking the ocean, you can pull out a tasty selection of dishes to help you create the most memorable of lunch dates.