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Sun lovers’ villa guide

VILLA LIFESTYLE   |     9 Jan 2018   |   0  |  
Thailand is widely known as a sun-soaked haven, where opportunities for bathing in the rays abound. If you’re spending your vacation in one of Thailand’s luxurious private villas, there are plenty of places to sunbathe

Villa Ananda’s sun lounging area overlooks the Andaman Sea

When you picture a relaxing tropical holiday, probably the first vision that comes to mind is a fantasy of sipping a chilled drink by a pool as the sun’s rays beat down. Thanks to its balmy temperatures and glorious blue skies, Thailand provides the ideal destination for travellers looking to get away from it all and catch some rays while they’re away. Endless miles of shimmering sandy coastline offer an idyllic place to relax, unwind and work on your tan. Swaying palms offer shade and refreshing coconut water to drink for when you want to cool down and relax.

While Thailand’s stunning beaches provide a spectacular spot for visitors who want to sunbathe, guests renting in one of the Kingdom’s private villas are spoilt for choice when it comes to sun-soaked spots where they can bask in the rays. From stylish poolside terraces to spacious balconies, there will always be a tranquil position to sit back, relax and absorb the sublime surroundings.

Read on for a little inspiration for your sun bathing session.

Poolside luxury

Espresso martinis are served by the at Akuvara while guests soak up the sunshine

If you’re scoping places to sunbathe whilst staying at one of Thailand’s lavish private villas, the sun terrace adjacent to the pool is probably the first place you’ll want to go. Many of the Kingdom’s upscale holiday properties come with their own private pools. Plus, having access to a pool surrounded by plush outdoor furniture comes with a host of benefits that go way beyond sun bathing. The key benefit is that you don’t have to share this facility with guests, which means no getting up at 7am to bag your favourite sun lounger for the day, and no worrying about other guests disturbing your tranquil moment.

Another advantage of sun bathing on your villa’s stylish sun terrace is that you’re never going to be too far away from all of the facilities you need. When you’re feeling thirsty, you can raid the nearby fridge for a tasty beverage of your choice – or better yet, get one of your villa’s staff to bring the drink outside to you. When you’re feeling hot or tired, you can nip inside for a refreshing shower and blissful nap in your air-conditioned sleeping quarters. The icing on the cake is that many villas feature pool terraces with stunning ocean views, adding plenty of wow factor to your sun bathing session.

Two birds, one stone

Guests staying at Koh Samui’s Baan Leelawadee can catch some rays as they tuck into al fresco lunch overlooking the ocean

Guests staying in one of Thailand’s private villas benefit from access to a host of fantastic facilities. In addition to gorgeous pool terraces, al fresco dining areas are another of the key outdoor highlights at Thailand’s luxurious selection of holiday properties. Any true sun worshipper won’t want to miss out on precious sun bathing hours when lunch time arrives. However, they’re unlikely to want to miss out on a tasty lunch whipped up by the villa’s private chef, either. Sitting outside to indulge in a long lunch is the ideal solution, as you’ll be able to enjoy tasty food and the warmth of the suns rays simultaneously.

As well as the sheer convenience of being able to enjoy an al fresco lunch, many villas feature outdoor dining areas that look out across spectacular vistas. From sweeping views of the ocean, to a tranquil outlook over your villa’s landscaped garden, you can pretty much guarantee a marvellous setting – the perfect backdrop for a memorable, sun-kissed lunch.

Morning sun

Several of the bedrooms at Baan Taley Rom have access to a first-storey balcony that’s ideal for sunbathing

If your bedroom is on the upper storey of a larger private villa, it’s possible that you will benefit from access to your own sun-soaked balcony area. For example, four of Baan Taley Rom’s six bedrooms are located on the first storey of the main living pavilion. Each of the suites opens out onto a spacious shared balcony, which benefits from a sunny position overlooking the ocean.

Whether you fancy sipping your morning coffee in the sun, or stretching out on a sun-lounger as you bask in the warmth of the glowing late afternoon, a private balcony provides the perfect setting. A first-floor balcony will also provide an excellent vantage point for guests that want to make the most of the far-reaching views from their property, whether the outlook takes in gleaming azure seas or a craggy cliffside landscape punctuated by emerald flora and fauna. If your balcony benefits from a west-facing orientation, it will also provide an excellent lofty position to capture sunset photos, as the golden, glowing orb sinks beneath the distant horizon.

Sangsuri Villa 1 benefits from direct access to the beach

Villas provide an ideal base for guests that want to go out and explore the local area. Many properties come with direct access to the local beach, too, so guests can grab their beach bags and head down to the sand for a sun bathing session whenever they like.

Islands like Koh Samui and Phuket are home to a broad range of villas, in terms of geographical position. So, there’s always going to be an ideal villa for you whether you fancy being in the thick of the action, or on a secluded, pristine stretch of sand far away from the main tourist spots. In many cases, Thailand’s finest holiday properties are situated in unspoilt, relatively under-developed areas. This means that guests who want to sun bathe in a tranquil location usually don’t have to travel too far from their villa to find a peaceful stretch of coastline.

Sun bathing on the beach comes with a host of advantages, too. You can take a dip in the azure ocean to cool off whenever you like. Plus, an array of activities including swimming, snorkelling or even paddle boarding (many villas come with all the necessary equipment) can offer a fine way of breaking up the day.

Sunbathe safely

Sun cream or sun block provide essential protection against harmful UV rays

On your quest for a glowing, golden tan, it may be tempting to stay out in the Thai sun for hours on end. However, this approach never tends to pay off and you’re more likely to end up looking sunburnt than sun-kissed. To avoid sunburn, or worse, sunstroke, try not to get too much sun during peak hours from 11am until 3pm. Whenever you are out in the sunshine, make sure to apply plenty of sun cream to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You might also consider wearing a hat and sunglasses to help protect the more delicate skin on your face.


If too much sun is drying your skin out, here are our top tips on how to soothe and replenish.

  • Drink plenty of water – this is the best way to top up your body’s stores and re-hydrate after a day of sunbathing.
  • Invest in a scented cooling spray. A spritz here and then will cool you down and give you a mid-afternoon boost.
  • Slather on plenty of after sun lotion every evening to seal essential nutrients into your skin. Products containing aloe vera extract are particularly soothing.