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Stay cool in the tropical heat

TRAVEL TIPS   |     22 Jan 2018   |   0  |  
Top tips on how to stay cool and hydrated throughout your holiday in balmy Thailand


It’s important to be aware of the physical effects of hot weather

Jetting off abroad for some much-needed sun is at the top of many people’s priority list when booking a holiday, and Thailand is one of the world’s most sought-after tropical destinations. Welcome warm weather and sublime beaches make the Kingdom a sun seeker’s paradise. However, as tempting as it can be to spend all the hours of the day basking beneath the rays, it’s important not to overdo it.

It’s widely accepted that too much sun can have an adverse effect on your heath and may lead to sunstroke; so staying cool and hydrated is crucial. That doesn’t mean you need to avoid the sun altogether – far from it. In fact, there are a number of precautionary measures you can take to ensure you remain healthy and hydrated throughout the most sun-soaked of days.

If you’re keen to learn more, check out our top tips below.

Drink up

In warm climates, it’s important to top up your body’s supply of H20

Staying hydrated is the key to remaining cool and fresh in tropical climates, so it’s important to keep your body’s H20 levels topped up throughout the day. On a regular day, you should be aiming for a baseline intake of around eight glasses of non-alcoholic fluids per day and this is even more important sweat. Look out for signs of overheating, and be aware that if you’re feeling thirsty, then it’s likely that you are already dehydrated.

If you’re not keen on drinking water, there are plenty of ways you can jazz up the flavour to create an appetizing beverage. For example, cutting up some lemons, cucumber and mint and adding it to a jug of iced water will infuse the liquid with a fantastic flavour. Soft drinks, including tea, will also boost your body’s fluid level – but bear in mind those diuretics such as coffee and alcohol may only dehydrate you further.

If you’re out and about exploring, then the best way to ensure you keep your fluid levels up is to keep a bottle of water handy in your bag. That way, you can keep sipping on the water throughout the day so your H20 levels never drop too significantly.

The right outfit

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen will help to keep you cool

In the heat, it can be tempting to shed as many clothes as possible and simply bask outside in your bathing suit. Of course, this isn’t really possible if you want to get out and explore local shops, attractions and museums. The outfit you pick is key to remaining cool and comfortable throughout the day. Try and stick to loose clothing made from natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Not only will these fabrics protect your skin from the main blast of the sun’s rays, but they’ll also wick your sweat better, helping your body stay cool. Manmade, polyester-like fabrics can often cling in the heat and will often leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Try to steer clear of dark-coloured clothing if possible, as garments in this family of hues tend to absorb the heat. On the other hand, white, beige and pastel shades will reflect the light of the sun, and are therefore the best for keeping your skin cool.

A refreshing splash

A quick dip in the pool at your private villa is sure to cool you down

Taking a quick dip in your private villa’s swimming pool provides an excellent way to refresh on a balmy afternoon – but what about if you’re out and about? Perhaps you’re enjoying a morning at a local seaside café in the sun, or maybe you’re exploring the fascinating temples and shrines in your local area. If this is the case, water can still be your friend if you’re clever about it. When you go to the bathroom, try dabbing a revitalizing splash of cold water on the areas where heat tends to gather, such as wrists, temples, elbows and joint creases. Splashing a little bit of water onto these key pressure points will help your whole body to stay cool.

Keep it fresh

Sliding glazed doors and French doors mean occupants staying in one of Thailand’s luxury private villas can invite the sea breeze inside

If you’re indoors, maintaining a fresh circulation of air throughout the room is vital for staying cool. Our first piece of advice is to avoid fanning yourself with your hands. Though this might create a pleasant rush of air that makes you feel cooler on a momentary basis, the sensation is only temporary. That’s largely because this kind of activity uses a lot of energy, with the exertion making you feel warmer in the long term. To avoid this scenario altogether, why not pick up some hand-held battery-powered fans from your local shopping mall in Phuket or Koh Samui?

Many guests lucky enough to be staying within one of Thailand’s luxury private villas also have the sea breeze to keep them cool. A large proportion of these properties are positioned in coastal vantage points, so large French doors and broad windows can be drawn open to allow the refreshing sea breeze to permeate indoor areas.

Do’s and don’ts

Eating spicy food, like a som tam salad, will help to cool you down on a hot day

What you eat can also have a major effect on your overall body temperature. Bear in mind that eating a large meal in one go has the potential to make you feel even hotter, as digesting the food will use a lot of energy, with your body creating heat as a bi-product. If you’re keen to stay cool, dine on small meals throughout the day and look forward to an indulgent feast in the evening when the temperature will be cooler.

In terms of what foods to eat, any meals that are high in water content will do you good in the hot weather. Soups and fruits and veggies with a high water content are a smart choice. For example, a watermelon’s composition is mainly liquid, making this a winning snack for when you’re feeling hot and bothered. Interestingly, chillies are also an excellent food for cooling you down on a hot day. Why? Because they will make you sweat. That’s why some of the world’s hottest countries dine on curries – just remember to drink plenty of water as well.

The miracle rehydration solution

Coconut water will top up your body’s H20 levels. It’s also packed with a plethora of nutrients


If you’re feeling dehydrated, coconut water is a miracle solution. The best part is, young green coconuts can be found in abundance in Thailand. In addition to the high H20 content of a young coconut, there’s a number of other ingredients that will benefit you body, too. For example, coconut water contains electrolytes which can top up what your body loses via sweat. This magical elixir is also rich in potassium, which is an essential nutrient used for a variety of purposes in the body.


Here are a few more tips for staying cool in Thailand’s tropical climate:
•    A hydrating mist will help to cool down your face and refresh parched skin that is after a few hours in the sun.
•    Use cooling lotions and products in your daily grooming routine, especially those infused with natural herbs such as chamomile, hibiscus and mint to create a cooling sensation on your skin.
•    Did you know that the way you breathe affects your overall body temperature? According to yogic principles, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth will help to cool the air before it reaches your lungs.