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Rainy day fun in a holiday villa

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Tropical Thailand experiences the odd shower during the green season, fortunately it’s not difficult to keep the kids entertained in your private villa on a rainy day,

Crafty activities can be a fantastic way to bring out little ones’ creative side

Many travellers head to Thailand in search of sun, sea and sand. Thanks to the glorious beaches, sublime weather and fantastic entertainment options, the Land of Smiles is family holiday favourite. However, even this sun-soaked land experiences rainfall once in a while. So, if you’re a parent, it’s worth having a few fun activities up your sleeve for when showers do occur.

If you’re staying in one of Thailand’s luxury private villas, there are plenty of indoor options to keep little ones entertained. Fun pastimes can range from arts, crafts and games, right to cooking lessons and relaxing movie days with the whole family. The great part is, each of the activities can be tailored to suit your kids’ age range. Plus, private villas offer a selection of communal spaces, so you can have different activities going on in different parts of the house.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, check out our tips for different types of rainy day entertainment options.

Crafty kids

Japanese or traditional Thai origami can make for a fun afternoon

Whether your kids are three or 13, arts and crafts can be a fantastic rainy day option – especially if the kids are keen to express their creative streak whilst on holiday. If your little ones enjoy activities where they’re using their hands, then origami is ideal. Historically, this form of decorative paper folding originated in Japan. However, variants exist across many Asian countries – including Thailand. Traditional Thai origami offers a whole new twist, as real leaves and reeds are used instead of paper. Kids can create birds, fish and stars which they’ll be able to keep as souvenirs. The trinkets could even be used as party favours at dinner that night.

If your kids enjoy painting, encourage them to be inspired by the tropical setting of your private villa, which will be bursting with colour even on a rainy day. The deep sapphire hue of the ocean could work its way onto paintings, complemented by bright flashes of colour represented by birds of paradise and tropical blooms. Paintings could even be embellished with pebbles and shells little ones have picked up from the beach that adjoins your private villa. Once again, paintings can be taken home and cherished as a wonderful reminder of the holiday.

Fun and games

Hide and seek is fantastic fun in a property with many hidden nooks and crannies, like your private villa

Thanks to the vast array of spacious communal zones in your private villa, there’s plenty of space to spread out and play games. Some villas come with a choice of board games, from Monopoly to Cluedo, which offer several hours of family entertainment. Other villas also have their own pool and and foosball tables, ideal for older kids and teenagers.

If you’re on holiday with younger kids, then hide and seek is a classic rainy day option. Thanks to the expansive layout of many villas, which includes an array of different rooms, there are plenty of excellent hiding places for little ones to scout out. Exploring a property with so much space will offer an exciting afternoon for kids, who can embrace their nosy spirits and take a look in each and every room the property holds.

If your kids simply need to blow off steam and make some noise, the gecko and the elephant is fabulous fun. However, it only works with larger groups of kids! First, divide kids into two teams – geckos and elephants. Next, select a team captain for each. In advance, you will have hidden a large number of shells and pebbles around the property, and it’s the task of the geckos and the elephants to find them. Once they find a shell or pebble, they can’t just pocket it – they have to shriek the noise of their respective animal so the captain can come and collect their treasure. The team with the most shells at the end wins.

Movie marathon

The comfortable lounge area at Baan Kilee is perfect for a relaxing movie day

When the rain is falling outside, sometimes there’s nothing better to do than kick back and indulge in a movie marathon with your family. Thailand’s private villas typically boast a wealth of communal lounging areas perfect for your chill out session. Many bedrooms also come fully-equipped with televisions and DVD players for when you want to snuggle up in bed and watch a film. However, many of the larger villas also come with their own dedicated entertainment suites, which are laid out in the style of mini cinema rooms. Enormous wall-mounted television screens and state-of-the-art sound systems are a common feature, so guests can enjoy the full move experience.

Many villas also come with extensive DVD libraries full of movies and series – ideal for a day spent on the sofa. You don’t need to worry if you didn’t have time to load your iPad up with new movies before heading off on holiday. Some villas even feature hard drive entertainment systems loaded up with thousands of movies and TV shows, so you will always have plenty of choice regarding what you want to watch with kids. Ask your villa’s professional chef to whip up a few movie snacks, and your day is sorted.

Culinary skills

Kids can get involved in Thai cooking lessons by preparing their own colourful fruit salad

Older kids who aren’t entertained by arts and crafts or hide and seek might prefer to have a go at an activity where they can learn something new, too. If this is the case, an impromptu Thai cooking lesson with the villa’s professional chef could be just the ticket for a rainy afternoon. Thailand’s luxury private villas typically feature contemporary Western-style kitchens, fully-equipped with all the gadgets you could possibly need.

The Thai chef will be able to take kids through the basics of some of the simpler Thai dishes – Pad Thai, or perhaps even a curry. However, if your kids aren’t keen on spicy food, he or she will be able to adapt the cooking class so they can create something they’re able to enjoy at the end. You could even get kids to work with the chef on creating fusion dishes – classic favourites they enjoy back home, but with chilli, coriander and shrimp included for that extra Thai kick.

Younger kids can also have a go at mini cooking classes. Thai fruit salads are an excellent option, as kids can get creative in terms of the colours they select for their fruit bowl. Vividly coloured fruits – papaya, watermelon and dragon fruit – are available in abundance in Thailand, so this is a great chance to try some new flavours, too.

Green season perks

During the green season, many luxury private villas offer lower rates

There are many reasons to travel to Thailand during the green season. One of them is the fact that many of the Kingdom’s luxury private villas offer special promotions and reduced rates during this less-busy time of year. The best part is, you’ll still enjoy plenty of sun during this time of year, as most of the rainfall is experiences in short, sharp bursts around sunset. Plus, waterfalls are in their full magnificent flow at this time of year, so it’s worth including a few of these mighty cascades in your travel itinerary.


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