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Five essential air travel accessories

TRAVEL TIPS   |     10 May 2018   |   0  |  
Whether it’s relaxation, engagement or entertainment you prefer on a long haul flight, there are quite a few options out there to make your tip more enjoyable.

Nowadays it’s incredibly easy to travel in style and comfort

Everyone knows the best holidays start as soon as you leave home, so it’s important to make sure the flight is just as memorable as the sunsets, infinity pools and pina coladas awaiting you at the end of the long journey.

Most smart travellers have their own personal list of 30,000-feet essentials to supplement the varying diversions and services provided by different airlines around the world.

We’ve rounded up a few high-flying favourite accessories so you can plan your trip to perfection.

Music in the air

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have for frequent flyers

Everyone has a soft spot for in-flight entertainment, but if you’re a frequent flyer who’s exhausted the latest releases, or you want to catch up on your podcasts, make sure you have a pair of quality headphones to hand. The variety of options currently on the market might be staggering but you can easily cut through the noise by opting for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Boasting the ability to block out surrounding sounds, including crying babies, loved-up couples and loud eaters, while also providing optimal sound, these are a godsend for airborne travellers.

Mile-high book club

Re-kindle the reading with some in-flight prose

You’ve ploughed through all those podcasts and grown tired of the in-flight entertainment system and figure it’s time for some constructive time wasting. You reach into your travel bag only to realise that novel you’ve been saving for the last six months is securely packed away in the check-in luggage. This is when e-reader devices really come into their own. Not only are they ideal for taking down to the beach, they are also the perfect companion for long-haul flights. Some e-readers, such as the Kindle Paperwhite, even come with weeks-long battery life, which means you don’t (usually) need to remember to charge it before setting off for the airport. Now all you’ve got to do is tear yourself away from that latest Adam Sandler movie…

A good flight’s sleep

A sleeping mask and the window seat is a winning combination

Most airlines supply eye masks at the start of the flight, but let’s face it they usually suck. They start to slide down your face once you’re finally dozing, irritate your eyelids or let too much light through, further adding to the misery of the inevitable jet lag. It’s probably time to stop relying on the airline’s equipment and invest in your own travel-friendly sleep mask. Nowadays they are made with specific materials to maximise comfort and come with interior chambers to remove any pressure on the eyes and minimise light exposure. For unorthodox snoozers, there are even ‘side-sleeper’ masks, which have a streamlined design that wraps around the face without digging into the skin. 

Pillow talk

Your feet will thank you for wearing compressor socks

They may not seem like an on-board essential, but compressor socks do far more than just keeping your feet warm. An ideal remedy to the much-maligned swelling many people experience during and after long-haul flights, these spandex socks are specifically designed to aide blood circulation around your feet and lower legs. Compressor socks can even be worn for working out, performing the same functions of reducing swelling during exercise and alleviating pressure on your toes. Finally, no more squeezing back into your shoes after you’ve hit tarmac!

Skyline slumbers

Skip the champagne for a better-quality sleep

Depending on the time and length of your journey, it usually helps to get a few hours of shuteye in on a long-haul flight. In addition to a few of the essential items already mentioned, here are some top tips to help you nap on your next flight

  • Avoid alcohol. Although it will help with the initial stages of drowsiness, the effects of a couple of drinks soon wears off, possibly leaving you restless and unable to get back to sleep
  • Don’t cross your legs. Sounds like an odd suggestion, but crossing your legs puts uneven pressure on parts of your body and restricts blood flow. This could in the short-term lead to cramp or a dead limb, but could also result in more severe ailments including blood clots and acute back problems
  • Avoid fatty foods. It may be tempting to throw down some fast food at the airport but this vacation treat, along with the soft drinks and sugary snacks, will inevitably cause discomfort a little later and eat into your snooze time