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Sleeping beautifully at a private villa

VILLA LIFESTYLE   |     6 Sep 2017   |   0  |  
A holiday offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much-needed snooze time and a private villa provides the perfect peaceful haven to help you reach Delta level

"Glorious sunsets, tranquil surroundings and plush facilities, like those pictured here at Phuket’s Malaiwana Villa M, provide the perfect ingredients for a good night’s sleep"

Thanks to our packed daily schedules and endless to-do lists, by the time most of us book a holiday, we’re already suffering from tiredness or even burnout. While experts recommend that adults catch a sold eight hours of sleep per night, the pressing obligations of daily life mean that we rarely achieve that number. Feeling stressed out, weary and rundown is often the result – which is why we all need a relaxing vacation from time to time to restore our health and energy levels back to 100 percent.

A holiday provides a golden opportunity to catch up on sleep. First of all, it’s your chance to take advantage of a schedule that’s free from appointments, errands and obligations. Secondly, taking yourself out of your regular routine and immersing yourself into new surroundings can help to kick-start a new regime, filled with self-care and ease.

Thailand is well-established as one of Southeast Asia’s most tranquil holiday destinations – perfect for rebooting your system with some essential relaxation sessions. Guests staying in one of the country’s many private rental villas can also make the most of exclusive top-notch facilities to enjoy some of the best slumber they’ve enjoyed since they were infants.

We take a look at why this kind of private property is the ideal place to indulge in a restorative break, catching up on all those glorious Zs.


Sleep in style

"This spacious bedroom at Phuket’s Baan Lom Talay features its own lounge area, in addition to the generously appointed sleeping space"

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil haven for a solid night’s sleep or a peaceful cocoon for an hour’s siesta, a well thought-out bedroom is often the key to a quality slumber. A fresh, uncluttered space is vital, as an untidy room strewn with too many bits and bobs can be distracting before you settle down.

A soothing colour palette is also essential for creating a relaxing ambience, and you’ll find that many of the suites in Thailand’s luxury villas are decorated in minimal hues. Crisp white often plays a dominant role, accented by splashes of bright colour to add extra visual appeal.

Lighting has an important part to play in setting a soothing ambience, which is why the bedrooms in the best luxury villas often feature carefully designed layered lighting schemes that allow occupants to dim the illumination to establish the perfect pre-sleep atmosphere. In addition to ambient lights for use earlier in the evening, task spotlights for reading a book and lamps for lower levels of brightness are also part of the scheme.


Fit for a royal sleep

"Positioned beneath a lofty vaulted ceiling, a linen canopy is draped over this bed at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee, adding an air of grandeur"

For the perfect night’s sleep, you need the perfect bed – a place where you can actually look forward to settling down at the end of a long day. At a private villa in Thailand, the generously proportioned bedroom spaces tend to be arranged so that a generous bed forms a main focal feature. Four-poster designs, and those hung with soft linens and silks are especially eye-catching, helping draw you in. Who wouldn’t find a spectacular bed like this  irresistible?

Of course, a bed that simply looks good isn’t enough – it needs to be ultra comfortable too. A high-quality mattress is essential.  A firm base should be complemented by plush pillows that you can’t wait to sink into at the end of the day – perhaps even for a quick catnap after lunch. When it comes to mattress quality, Thailand’s private villas have got your back with the most comfortable solutions possible.


Lap of luxury

"The soft silk and cotton bed coverings at Koh Samui’s Emerald Beach Villa 4 feel soft and luxurious against the skin"

While an uncluttered space and good-quality mattress can go a long way in helping you to get a good night’s sleep, the bed linens covering your bed play a key part as well. Of course, certain materials are softer than others, and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal for warm climates. In addition, linen has anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties. In many private villas, crisp white bed sheets are complemented by plush silk cushions and decorative runners to add an extra touch of luxe.

Of course, it’s not just the feel of the fabric against your skin that is so important for a good night’s sleep, but the scent of it as well. There’s nothing better than slipping between newly laundered sheets and immersing yourself in the irresistibly fresh fragrance. With environmental care in mind, bed covers in Thailand’s private villas are changed every few days, but guests never have too long to wait before diving into that soft mountain of freshness at bedtime.


Ease into sleep

"This stunning stone bathtub at Natai Beach’s Villa Ananda is ideal for a relaxing soak before bed"

No matter how relaxing the surroundings are, or how comfortable an inviting the bed looks, some of us may still struggle to nod off for a full eight hours. If that’s you, then there are plenty of things you can do while staying in a private Thai villa to ease into a more relaxed state of mind.

Start off by arranging to have a professional masseuse come to your villa. Invigorating treatments like Thai massages could be too energising if your aim is to drop off quickly, so a soothing oil or aromatherapy massage could be the best choice to promote a deep sleep. Follow your massage with a long hot shower, or even a soak in the tub. Studies show that raising the temperature of your body before bedtime automatically starts its cooling down process. Our bodies cool down during sleep as natural restorative processes begin to take place, so heating up with a shower or bath is a clever tool you can use to kick start the process.

Soothing sounds

Soothing sounds Photo: Ocean proximityCaption: This spectacular bedroom at Koh Samui’s Ban Kinaree looks across towards the ocean We all know that the gentle sound of rolling ocean waves is super relaxing – but why? A study by Pennsylvania State University has shown that the brain interprets these low-level, distant sounds as non-threatening, and that they can help to block out alarming, shrill noises that might disrupt your sleep. So, holiday-makers staying in a private Thai villa with the gently lapping ocean waves a pebble’s throw away are in luck.

Tips for a good night’s sleep

1. Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks in the hours leading up to bedtime. Instead, you could ask your villa’s staff to brew you a soothing cup of herbal or floral tea.
2. A little while before you go to bed, ask your villa’s staff to set your bedroom’s temperature to the right level by adjusting the air conditioning unit. Studies have shown that a level of around 20°C is the optimum temperature for a good night’s sleep.
3. If you have trouble falling asleep, try out some relaxing activities before bedtime. Breathing exercises and meditation can be a good way of letting the mind let go of any stresses and worries it’s held onto throughout the day