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Private Villa Romance

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Thailand is an ideal destination for couples that want to dial up the romance with an eclectic choice of luxury villa experiences for couples that want to enjoy memorable moments together on vacation.

Thailand offers up a plethora of varied opportunities for memorable date nights

Sublime beaches, panoramic ocean vistas and world-class sunsets make tropical islands like Koh Samui and Phuket firm favourites amongst lovebirds from around the world. If you’ve already travelled to Thailand, then it’ll come as no surprise to learn that increasing number of couples are heading to the Land of Smiles to celebrate weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries. Thailand’s most popular islands effortlessly blend spectacular scenery with a broad array of inspiring activities that make it easy to plan a romantic holiday with a difference.

The multitude of choices to make long-lasting memories on islands like Phuket and Samui go way beyond classic romantic meals out by the sea. Whether you’re keen to try something new and adventurous with your partner, or simply like to stroll along the beach hand in hand, the options are endless.

We’ve rounded up a selection of ideas for couples in search of a little romantic inspiration.

Sunset sensations

A couples’ yoga session at sunset will enhance the connection between you and your loved one

Thailand is a world-renowned hub for health and wellness, and many people flock to the Kingdom for yoga classes and retreats. Couples’ yoga, or acroyoga, is a beautiful way to deepen your connection with your partner, and it can provide an inspiring experience during your Phuket or Koh Samui vacation. Postures are shared between the couple with a physical connection. Sometimes, even eye contact while maintaining certain asanas can help to deepen your relationship. Exciting acroyoga activities are ideal for couples staying at a private villa who boast good body strength and yoga experience.

Each of Thailand’s most popular islands is home to a wealth of reputable yoga studios, and for a romantic vibe you might like to pick a class within an open-air venue at sunset. After all, the crimson and mauve hues of sunset make everything seem more romantic. If you and your loved one have some experience practicing yoga, you might even choose to have your own independent session on the beach looking out on the ocean waves.

Explore the ocean

Enjoy the colours of sunset with your loved one from a longtail boat

Simply putting some distance between you and everyone else on a tropical island can help establish a chilled, romantic vibe. What better way to accomplish this than by heading off into the sunset with your partner in a traditional long tail boat? These unique vessels, floating on azure seas, have become a symbol of exotic Thailand, and for those keen to explore the country’s ocean treasures, chartering a private long tall boat offers a couple of hours of pure escape.

In addition to providing a memorable, romantic evening, taking a boat out at sunset will give you the chance to snap some excellent sunset photographs from a unique perspective. You may also want to take a bottle of champagne and some tropical fruits along to sip and nibble on as you toast the dusk.

Taste for adventure

Nighttime seas enhance the vivid colours of coral reefs and fish

For thrill-seeking couples, taking a boat out on the water and gazing out at the sunset might fall short on the adventurous side of things. Thailand’s seas offer plenty of more exhilarating activities, one of which is night scuba diving. If you’ve dived in the day before, don’t miss out on the chance to discover how the creatures and colours of the seascape shift once the sun sets.

There’s a particular thrill that comes with swimming in the dark and sharing this exhilarating experience with your partner will certainly give you something to chat about for weeks afterwards. A host of marine creatures come out to feed at night, including giant groupers, barracuda and stingrays, so a night dive provides a pulse-thumping opportunity to come face to face with some exciting wildlife.

Food loving lovers

The night markets in Phuket and Koh Samui are a food lover’s paradise

For many couples, food is an exciting shared passion. If your holiday simply wouldn’t be complete without filling your faces with tasty local treats together, then head to a local Thai street food market instead of a restaurant a few times. Phuket and Koh Samui offer a choice of weekly walking street markets. One takes place in Phuket Old Town every Sunday and is especially worth a visit for the variety of food and local crafts on display. Over on Koh Samui, the Bophut Walking Street also offers a delectable array of local dining and shopping options.

Rather than filling up on a full meal, exploring the culinary delights of a market offers the chance to be guided by your senses. The delectable aroma of roasting meat will intermingle with the smell of spicy Thai stir fried delicacies, so let you instincts lead you to all the tastes you crave. Thanks to the casual atmosphere, you’ll be able to share dishes with your partner, freeing up more space to try as many different foods as possible.

Perfect night in

The lawn at Koh Samui’s stunning Sangsuri Villa 1 transforms into an outdoor cinema

For guests staying in one of Thailand’s fabulous private holiday rental villas, there’s no need to venture out every night to enjoy a blissfully romantic evening. You can experience a memorable night without even having to leave the grounds of your private villa.

The perfect evening might begin with cocktails on your villa’s pool terrace, overlooking the ocean at sunset. Next, you can dine on an exquisite meal prepared by your villa’s professional in-house Thai chef. For the classic dinner and a movie date night with a twist, you can even ask the staff to set up a romantic outdoor cinema. At Koh Samui’s Sangsuri Villa 1, for example, the garden features a projector screen perfect for outdoor movie nights.

Couples’ pamper session

A pamper session might help ease you and your loved on into a romantic mood

If your idea of true romance is to indulge in a spa session with your partner, Thailand is home to countless high-end spas, many of which offer romantic pamper packages designed specifically for couples. If you’re staying in a private rental villa, you can arrange your own exclusive spa session at home. Your villa manager will be able to book professional spa therapists to come to the villa, whether you’re both in the mood for massages, scrubs or facials.


Romantic movie ideas for your private villa date night

  • Silver Linings Playbook: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper make an adorable pair in this funny, yet moving date night movie.
  • The Graduate: Starring Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman, this film has classic appeal and is sure to get you and your loved one talking rather than sending you to sleep.
  • 50 first dates: Starring Kate Hudson and Adam Sandler, this is a rom com with mass appeal. It’s a laugh a minute that will keep you and your loved one smiling all night.