Curated Villa Cuisine

One of the undeniable benefits of renting a luxury holiday villa in Thailand is the opportunity to taste some of the world's best cuisine, prepared by your own personal chef.


Villa Lifestyle Feature

Thanks to today's global kitchens, Thai cuisine can be enjoyed all over the world, but it's still not quite so easy to taste authentic Thai cuisine abroad unless you choose restaurants where the chefs are actually Thai and also remain true to their roots.

Some of the myriad ingredients used in Thai food are also quite difficult to source outside the Kingdom, which means substitutes are often used and certain flavours left out based on what is available at the market in a particular country.

Even inside Thailand, the ingredients used in certain dishes can vary, and the quality of food is not always guaranteed unless you are dining in the most reputable restaurants.

Some Thai chefs tone down their creations to suit foreign palates, which can lead to a distinctly bland taste experience; others add more or less of a particular flavour because they believe it will make their food taste more “international”, which can also mean less flavoursome.

Having your meals prepared to order by a personal chef takes away such doubts. Adventurous foodies can request absolutely authentic local dishes, while those with more sensitive tastebuds can ask for a little less sugar and spice.

Meet the Chefs

Luxury Villas and Homes employs a team of top quality personal chefs for villa guests and all of them are proud of their craft. Many began their careers in the hotel industry, moving up the kitchen ranks and building a reputation for creativity and versatility along the way. They enjoy the challenge of cooking for guests from around the world, and they are always happy to talk about food and even pass on a few cooking tips and tricks.

Chef Soonthorn Noikaew has been creating culinary memories for villa guests on Koh Samui for 6 years, his skills cover Thai and European cuisine and guest favorites include Pad Thai and his steamed fish with lime for the adults and cream soup, nuggets and fish fingers for the kids. Chef Soonthorn also likes to introduce new flavours to villa guests and his Tom Yam BBQ sauce and northeastern Thai spicy dipping sauce never fail to get the juices flowing.

Chef Pensiri Chonlatan, also known as Chef Toon, has been part of the culinary team at Luxury Villas and Homes for 5 years. Before that she worked in a wide variety of kitchens, including the floating one aboard the Orient Explorer Cruise ship. She now prepares specialties like her exquisite Duck Penang curry for lucky guests at Villa Shanti on Natai Beach.

Chef Sukan, also known as Chef Moo, has been a head chef at Luxury Villas and Homes since 2005, and his zest for gastronome inspired seasonally inspired dishes based on the Thai classics, but with a modern twist. His meals are not only flavourful delicacies but also masterpieces of eye catching ingenuity and Thai creativity.

Delightful Dishes

Thai cuisine is an endless adventure waiting to be enjoyed, but the range of dishes and flavours on offer is too vast and varied to experience in a single trip to the Kingdom, perhaps even in a single lifetime.

To make the most of your personal chef's talents, it's a good idea to do a little research before the holiday so you have an idea of the type of Thai dishes you would like to try or compare with the ones you already know from home.

When staying on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, it would be a shame to ignore fresh seafood. Below are a few tasters to set you on your Thai culinary journey.

Gung Sarong

Often served as an appetizer, goong sarong is prepared by pezeling and marinating fresh prawns in a paste of garlic, oil and coriander. Then egg noodles are used to wrap the marinated prawns to make them appear to be wearing a traditional Thai dress.

Pad Thai Seafood

Pad Thai is on of the national dishes of Thailand and most people will have tasted it in some form or another before they ever set foot in the Kingdom. The winning blend of glass noodles, fresh seafood, and a rich peanut, chilli and lemon sauce make this a dish people rarely order just once.For a little variety you can also order chicken, pork or even vegetarian versions, as well as adding a fried egg and some fresh beansprouts.

Choo Chee Curry

Thailand's rich, creamy curries are among the most popular dishes on the menu in famed destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui. Choo Chee curry is specially prepared to complement the flavours of fish and seafood. In fact, you can even request scallops if you feel like experimenting. Key ingredients include coconut cream, chilli paste, fish sauce and palm sugar, and of course, Thailand's ubiquitous kaffir lime leaves. It's an exquisite mix.

Mango Sticky Rice & Coconut Cream

Thailand may be well known for its fresh seafood but it's even more famous for fabulous tropical fruit. Fruit salads are always a refreshing way to finish off a feast, but for those with  more of a sweet tooth that crave a “proper” dessert, mango and sticky rice topped with coconut cream is an unmissable treat.