Child-Friendly Private Villas in Thailand

For parents with young children, keeping the little ones happy is high on the list of holiday priorities. Guests that choose to rent a private villa on Koh Samui or Phuket will find the range of facilities and fun activities for kids is vast and varied.

For young children, family holidays are always an exciting and important part of growing up and quite a few adults have lasting happy memories of their first trips away with mum, dad and their siblings.

For busy parents, holidays can often be the only real chance they have to spend some extended quality time with their children, as the daily demands of work and home life temporarily disappear leaving them to focus on some family fun.

Although travelling and exploring new places can be fun for children; they still need plenty of activities and diversions to keep them engaged and happy, even on a holiday. Fortunately, many of the private villas on islands like Koh Samui and Phuket offer a whole host of child-friendly facilities, and with a little creativity added, their little guests’ faces will be beaming as brightly as the tropical sunshine.

Pool Politics

Kids are naturally drawn to water – what’s not to like about playing outdoors and splashing around in your own private pool? But for smaller children, pool time needs to be calm and intriguing so they eventually learn to enjoy the water safely on their own. Parents are all too familiar with high spirited kids racing around the hotel pool deck, cannonballing and generally being a little too “splashy”. Perhaps it is even their own older children that are the boisterous ones, which means having to make constant apologies to other guests. With a private pool, it’s much easier to achieve harmony in and around the water so that everyone gets to enjoy the moment.

Childcare Shared

When parents need to find their toddlers at home they simply follow the trail of mess they’re leaving in their wake. Food crumbs, toys, most things end up on the floor. At a private villa, there’s really no worry that a little mess will cause inconvenience to other guests. If little Bobby leaves his favourite toy on the pool deck, it can stay there for a while longer to be picked up later. If little Shirley spills her drink, the helpful villa staff will come and wipe it up. In fact, with a team of dedicated staff on hand throughout the day and baby sitters available at night, the demands of child care can be easily shared at a private villa.

Run Around

Compared with their size, very young guests seem to need a disproportionate amount of space to release their pent-up energy. While hotels and resorts offer plenty of communal areas for kids to run around in, parents are invariably dragged around grounds all day chaperoning. At a private villa, proximity and exclusivity are a parent’s best friends and they can manage boundaries and keep an eye on their kids while they enjoy the facilities and personal services themselves. They can lounge in the poolside master bedroom with the sliding doors open or enjoy afternoon tea as the children play with a beach ball on the lawn. They can discuss excursion itineraries in the lounge while one of the villa staff watches the kids roll around in the games room next door.

Daily Activities

Ask any older child about their ideal holiday schedule, and it will comprise three main things — the pool, games/television and excursions. Younger kids, however, can be a bit left out of such activities. At a private villa, parents can raid the kitchen for ingredients for some basic DIY sensory play. To make play dough, for example, all you need are kitchen staples of flour, salt, and vegetable oil. Is the outdoor lawn calling for bubbles? Pour dish washing liquid (or baby shampoo) into a plastic cup, add sugar and water, and get your camera ready to snap some classic bubs-and-bubbles photos. Colourful ice cubes to cool off? Colourful spaghetti for lunch? The options are endless.

Child Safety

Above all else, safety is usually the biggest concern for the parents of small children on a holiday. Once again, a private rental villa holiday takes the lead above traditional vacation accommodation. With no other guests around and a manageable radius for parents and staff to supervise, children can enjoy much more freedom and parents can enjoy a much more relaxed, family vacation.