Borneo Nightlife

Nightlife zone with lounge bars and dance clubs attracting a sophisticated crowd.

Whether in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak or in Indonesia’s Kalimantan, those in search of good night out will not be disappointed in Borneo. In Sabah, Kota Kinabalu's waterfront promenade offers a number of fine dining options and has developed into something of an upscale nightlife zone with lounge bars and dance clubs attracting a sophisticated crowd. Beach Street is the more bustling part of town, with wall to wall bars and eateries.The drinking and fun is generally accompanied by live music courtesy of local and Filipino bands, while karaoke is another popular entertainment option for locals. In Sarawak, Kuching is the best place for night time pursuits. The city is a complex maze of streets with plenty of food, drink and entertainment on offer. The majority of bars, pubs and nightclubs close at around 1 am and most bigger venues host live bands that keep the party going until then, with larger crowds descending at weekends.

In Kalimantan, the nightlife scene is a little more rough and ready than in Malaysian Borneo. Bars in bigger towns like Pontianak, Balikpapan, Palangkaraya, Samarinda and Banjarmasin are frequented mainly by expatriates, while a number of theatres and nightclubs are also popular with visiting tourists. Karaoke remains one of the most prolific after-dark options in Kalimantan, although as in other parts of the region, live cover bands are also an attraction and play regularly in most of the better known bars, as well as in the nightspots offered by major hotels.




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