Borneo Beach

Finest beaches and crystalline waters conditions are making this part of Malaysia a popular destination for divers

Malaysian Borneo is divided into Sarawak and Sabah the former with a coastline that runs some 700 km along the northwestern side of the island. Sarawak's national parks offer a host of adventures for beach lovers and a good place to start exploring is Damai Beach, in Santubong, which overlooks the South China Sea and is backed by the dramatic Mount Santubong. Other stunning beaches include the untouched sands of Semantan, Penyok and Bandung, all of which are perfect for swimming and lazy days. The Tanjung Datu National Park also offers some of Sarawak' finest beaches, complete with colourful offshore coral reef. In Sabah, huge tracts of forest are alive with flora and fauna and the coast offers long stretches of undiscovered beach, that feeds into crystalline waters conditions, makin this part of Malaysia a popular destination for divers. The famous island of is Sipadan is known for its abundant marine life, with sea turtles, schools of barracuda and even hammerhead sharks. The nearby island of Mabul, also boasts teeming shallow reef fringes, ideal for snorkelling between beach sessions.

Indonesian Borneo, or Kalimantan, is much more remote and wild than its Malaysian counterparts. The west coast has the most accessible beaches, with Batu Payung Beach a white sandy stretch with some spectacular rock formations and seas that offer fabulous diving and other water sports options. Kijing Beach is also a popular holiday spot, while the Pasir Panjang Recreational Park includes an onsite restaurant and a swimming pool, from there you can also visit Randayan Island by speed boat, a stunning tropical escape with beautiful beach transparent waters and yet more inspiring dive sites.




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