Borneo Activities

Borneo's waters is also a popular activity for visitors

Borneo has a wealth of activities and no matter on which part of the island visitors find themselves, they can be sure to find something interesting to do. In Kalimantan the rainforests of the Kayan Mentarang National Park and Apokayan Highlands beg to be explored while the water villages and floating markets near Banjarmasin lead thoughts to Italy's Venice. Off the coast of Palau Derawan divers can find some truly excellent untouched dive sites and sailing in Borneo's waters is also a popular activity for visitors.

The Malaysian state of Sabah boasts South East Asia's tallest mountain, Mount Kanibalu at 4101 metres. Several tour operators offer guided tours to the top or visitors can opt for doing the trek themselves. The trek usually start at 1800 metres above sea level in the morning, reaching the camp at 3200 metres in the afternoon. The camp has accommodation and a restaurant to provide a well deserved rest before visitors rise at 2am to reach the peak in time to see the sunrise.




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