The most popular beach on the island is White Beach

The island of Boracay boasts a fine choice of beaches and picturesque coves. The most popular beach on the island is White Beach, a 4 km stretch of fine sand that has been named one of the top beaches in the world by several websites and international publications. White Sand Beach's palm fringed expanse is perfect for sunbathing between dips in the shimmering seas or snoozes in the shade. The range of tourist services on offer close to the sand mean visitors rarely leave the bay. The island's second holiday spot is Puka beach, named after the Puka shell, which is known as one of the finest in the world. This beach also stretches for a good distance before finishing abruptly at the Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, on the far northern tip of the island.

More secluded options for beach lovers on Boracay include Balinghai Beach, which is sheltered by steep rocky outcroppings and offers a romantic escape for those in search of peace and quiet. Baling-Hai beach is also a popular snorkeling spot and boasts a beautiful inshore coral garden. Equally quiet, Cagban Beach is also a great place for beach-combing. The name means 'chest' and local people believe a number of treasures are buried beneath the sand or hidden in nearby caves. Finally, Punta Bunga Beach is covered with natural treasures in the form of attractive shells. A number of villa private homes perch on the cliffside at the southern end of the bay, positioned to take in the incredible views.




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