The luxury of space in a private villa

Phuket’s Villa Arawan sleeps up to 12 people comfortably

If you’re planning a luxury holiday with a group of friends, it’s likely that you’ll need accommodation that offers a balance of communal areas for socialising, and private zones for tranquil private relaxation. Home to multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a choice of capacious shared spaces, Thailand’s vast range of rental villas provide the perfect base for a small group stay. Large villas on popular islands like Koh Samui and Phuket often feature as many as eight bedrooms, and are therefore able to accommodate up to 16 guests. In addition, an array of spacious communal areas means there are plenty of places to relax and soak up the glorious holiday atmosphere in good company.

We take a closer look at all of the exclusive facilities that make Thailand’s private villas the perfect choice for groups of friends travelling together.

Sun-soaked retreat

The poolside terrace at Koh Samui's villa Jakawan affords marvellous ocean views

For many people, long days bathed in golden sunshine are one of the key attractions of a holiday in Thailand. When you’re staying at a hotel, it might be difficult to commandeer a group of poolside sun loungers for you and your friends to relax together. In a private villa, it’s not a problem you even have to consider. Many of the luxury rental villas on Phuket and Koh Samui come complete with their own infinity pools, outdoor jacuzzis and sun terraces – perfect for when everyone wants to make the most of the good weather and relax or play outside.

The gorgeous poolside terrace at Koh Samui’s Ban Jakawan takes centre stage within the expansive hillside property. The infinity pool itself is rather unique, featuring a rectangular area that leads to a narrow strip, linking the main pool to a round pool that is split in half by a Thai-style pavilion. This area features a swim-up bar and al fresco dining area with grill, perfect for groups of friends who want to hang out outside while they share a surf and turf feast.

Space to relax

The living area at Phuket's Villa Napalai features a Thai-style vaulted ceiling

While you may want to spend plenty of time lounging by the pool with your friends, indoor communal zones also provide the perfect place for social gatherings such as pre-dinner drinks, or even as a place to grab a cup of coffee and a chat. Furnished with plush interiors and adorned with striking artwork and decorations, the indoor lounging areas at many private villas offer a stylish setting for sociable evenings, games nights, or even full blown parties. Air-conditioning is a welcome inclusion  in many villas’ main living areas, providing a chilled retreat for friends to relax together after a day in the sun.

The spacious lounge area at Phuket’s Villa Napalai oozes traditional Thai inspiration, providing the perfect place for friends to relax in the evening. In addition to its luxurious appeal, this area also benefits from a permanent ocean backdrop thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing. The property is also home to a snug den-style room, complete with plush furniture and a wide screen television – perfect for movie nights with friends.

Culinary zones

The kitchen at Villa Arawan is the perfect place to test your Thai cooking skills

When you’re on holiday with friends, mealtimes tend to be the most sociable hours of the day. This is when people gather round the table to enjoy good food, wine and conversation together. If you’re staying at one of Thailand’s opulent private villas, the multiple dining areas and fully equipped kitchen are an important part of the appeal. Plenty of properties come with their own professional Thai chef, but friends on vacation together might prefer to do some of the cooking themselves to show off their culinary prowess, especially after a Thai cooking class or two.

For guests that want to cook meals for each other, the kitchen at Phuket’s Villa Arawan provides an easy-to-navigate, functional space. Meals can be prepared and enjoyed indoors, in the commodious dining room that seats 10 people, or outside in one of several covered outdoor dining spaces. The covered lounge area is perfect for nibbles and finger food, while the dedicated outdoor dining sala provides a sociable space for sit-down meals. 

Private Haven

The spacious bedrooms at Phuket's Villa Arawan provide a luxurious, private place to relax

The main reason anyone goes on holiday with their friends is to enjoy a fun, sociable break. However, everyone needs a little time out at some point. If you’re staying in a private villa, your plush bedroom offers a stunning space to retreat to, largely because you can enjoy a selection of first-rate facilities without ever having to leave the private space. Many bedrooms also enjoy ocean views – so you don’t have to venture out to marvel at the azure sea stretched out before you. Plenty of suites also come with their own television and DVD players, so you and your partner can kick back with a good movie when you feel like it.

Each of the five bedrooms at Phuket’s Villa Arawan comes with its own ensuite facilities, including a spacious walk-in shower. The two master suites also benefit from unbeatable ocean views, plus access to a spacious sun-soaked terrace area, perfect for a tranquil private breakfast before you join your friends to enjoy more social activities. 

Spa-like luxury

The stunning bathing zones at Baan Puri offer guests a unique experience

When you’re staying in a luxury Thai villa, the exclusive relaxation space doesn’t stop in the bedroom. Typically, each bedroom will have access to its own lavish ensuite bathroom, providing extra space to unwind in a private, chilled-out environment. Walk-in rainfall showers and hot tubs provide endless opportunities for guests to indulge in exclusive chill-out sessions, enjoying a few moments away from the social buzz around the rest of the house.

The exquisite bathrooms at Koh Samui’s Baan Puri offer an idyllic private space when you want to relax and indulge in a little alone time. Many of the bathrooms are even fitted  come with “his and hers” washbasin, plus sunken terrazzo bathtubs perfect for an indulgent pamper session. The best part is, the sliding wooden privacy screen can be drawn back so guests can gaze out over the outdoor infinity pool or chat with friends as they take a relaxing soak.